This weekend saw the opening of Sunderland's premier dirty burger and cocktail bar; Saucy Burger and of course I just had to be there on the opening day to try it out!

Located at Hylton Riverside Park, it's easy to find and there's plenty of parking... If you're drinking it's only a short taxi ride from the town centre.
From the outside you would never know how exciting this place is... There is retro graffiti style brickwork on the staircase, flashing neon cow signs and a photo booth all before you even enter the restaurant! Once inside there's exposed brick, corrugated metal walls, cowshed style booths, lightbulbs hanging from ropes and fairy lights, it's got a really modern/industrial feel to it, and I love it.
Once seated we had a good look through the drinks menu, which is packed with a huge list of cocktails, craft beers and shakes, some of which are topped with cheesecake and Kinder Eggs (check out their Instagram feed for photos of those bad boys!)
Unfortunately I was driving, so I had to stick to the not so huge mocktails list, and ended up ordering both that they had on offer... First was the Raspberry & Almond Sling which is pineapple juice and soda, almond syrup and crushed ice topped with fresh raspberries and a lemon slice, the second was the Apple & Ginger Mojito; fresh mint, lime, sugar, gingerbread syrup, apple juice and soda.
Both were really tasty, and looked amazing but my favourite of the two would be the first as it was so refreshing... the mojito was a little sickly by the end.
Robbie ordered a Vedett beer which he really enjoyed and a Beaverton Gamma Ray Ale, which he hated!
Next time we visit I'm hoping Robbie will be designated driver so that I can sample one of the Frozen Bubblegum Daiquiri cocktails complete with popping candy which everyone seemed to be ordering... they looked so good.
For our starters we took advantage of the three for £10.95 offer which includes all but three of the starters on the menu.
I chose the Sweet Sticky Wings, and thankfully selected the option of 5 wings rather than 10 or 20 because let me tell you, they were huge! The picture doesn't really show just how big the portion was, but how anyone could order 20 as a starter is beyond me (obviously they're more of a sharer)... I was feeling full after eating four! I was given a bowl of lemon water and even a bib to wear while I tucked into these, which I was going to decline to wear, but it's all part of the fun! Apart from the portion being too big, they were without doubt the best chicken wings I have ever eaten, the spicy, sweet and sticky glaze is absolutely delicious and the blue cheese sauce which is served on the side is the perfect accompaniment, I could eat these again and again... just maybe not as a starter.

Robbie ordered the Harissa Spiced Halloumi Skewer; flamed grilled halloumi, pepper, red onion and mushroom skewer with red onion, feta and chickpea salad with a toasted pitta and jalapeƱo mayonnaise, which he really enjoyed. He said it was packed with flavour and the salad was beautiful and fresh... it did look really great and was so colourful, this was definitely more of a starter size portion too.

For our third starter we opted for the Posh Garlic Mushrooms to share (I would have gone for Salt & Pepper Squid but Robbie doesn't like seafood!) which came sat on top of a toasted sourdough loaf in a really creamy sauce. This was a really tasty dish, but again there was way too much on the plate... considering most people who order this will be wanting to eat a big burger afterwards I think the portion could easily be halved and still be enough. I also don't really think this fitted in with the whole theme of the restaurant, it's a little too 'normal'.
After such a feast with the starters we were grateful for a little bit of a wait between courses... I kept panicking that the burgers would arrive while we were still working on the chicken wings!

I ordered the 'Angel of the Sauce' burger, a 7oz hamburger, melted cheddar cheese, monster low and slow pulled beef short rib, pad Thai Asian glaze and palm sugar dressing (usually served with shredded iceberg, tomato and pickles too but I asked for mine without) with skin on fries on the side.
Robbie chose the 'Burger with Attitude' another 7oz hamburger with melted cheddar cheese but this one had BBQ pulled pig, sweet and sticky rib glaze, shredded iceberg, tomato, pickles and smokey BBQ sauce with homemade chips.

They were served on trays with Saucy Burger sheets on them with the chips in cups. The burgers are made from beef steak sourced locally from Northumbria, Durham and Yorkshire and the buns they are served in are beautifully fresh with that slightly crispy top - just perfect!
Both varieties of chips were nice but Robbie's homemade chips were definitely the best of the two, I would 100% recommend these over the others.
The pulled beef in my burger was crispy and packed with flavour from the glaze and Robbie said his burger was the best he has ever eaten, you can really taste the quality and fresh ingredients in these... We both can't wait to go back for another.
Although we were full to burst after the burgers, I convinced Robbie into ordering a sharing dessert; two waffles, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, Oreos and fresh cream... Anywhere that offers any kind of Oreo dessert can tempt me and needless to say it was really tasty.

All in all I can't wait to go back for more wings and another amazing burger... The place looks amazing, and although service was slow at times that can be forgiven as it was the first night and it was pretty busy, plus the staff were all really lovely and the price of the food is all really good value.
Let me know if you go and try Saucy Burger, I can't wait to hear what you think!
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