Since I've been blogging full time, I have also gained some extra me time... a lot of which has been spent cleaning, blogging and watching The Chase (such a guilty pleasure!), but when I actually leave the house I've taken up going to the gym.

At first I felt as though I was forcing myself to exercise, so I have been taking it really slow and easy, rather than pushing myself and I've actually been enjoying it.
I've only been going twice a week, usually after dropping Elodie off at school (the gym is right next door) and spending around an hour and a half there each time, but not only does it make me feel better about myself, I've already started to notice that I'm feeling healthier and I've lost a tiny bit of weight from my middle... Maybe I'll get that Summer body after all!

I thought I'd share a What's In My Bag style post, but for the gym...
First of all I carry the obvious things with me; my trainers, my leggings, some description of top to wear. I've been buying all of my workout clothes on the high street too, there are some amazing brands and amazing prices to be found... my leggings were only £12 from F&F's Active range at Tesco.

I always have my phone and my headphones with me so that I can put on one of my favourite playlists for a bit of motivation, at the moment I'm really enjoying exercising to Jess Glynne, Demi Lovato and Calvin Harris.

I always take a water bottle with me as I drink loads when I'm in the gym and hate hogging the water machine! I also usually have a health bar of some description in my bag for a post workout snack if I fancy it, which I don't always, but it's nice to have the option of something if I've worked up an appetite and if I didn't have it in my bag, the only other option would be a Twix from the gym vending machine... Why do they do that?!

I have my Fitbit in my bag too, and I know I'm really supposed to wear this all of the time, but I prefer just to wear it when I'm walking, running or on the exercise bikes/steppers... this helps me to gauge calories burned and how fast and far I'm going which gives me something to aim to improve on when at the gym.

As for the more beauty related bits in my bag, I always have face wipes with me to remove any heavy makeup (I'd hate to be looked at as one of those girls who works out with a full face!), and let me clarify that this is the only time I use face wipes! I do also have my concealer to cover any spots or dark circles though (I never go completely bare faced!) and a tinted lip balm just to give myself that little boost of confidence! There are usually a couple of bobbles and hair grips in the bottom of my bag too, I've always got to keep my hair up and out of the way in the gym.

Lastly I carry a couple of deodorants in my bag too, I like to have a spray and a roll on or stick so that I can apply the roll on before I work out and the spray after for a refresh. Nine times out of ten I will buy Sure deodorants, I find them the best by far and at the moment I'm using their Motionsense Cotton Dry spray which is really clean and fresh smelling and their Sport Strength Maximum Protection stick which smells of citrus fruits and works against sweat while providing extra moisture to my underarms.

What do you take with you to the gym?
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