Following on from my 10 Things To Do When You're Skint blog post, which was surprisingly popular, I thought I'd share some ideas of ways to save or make extra money

1. Sell unwanted things - Wether you choose to opt for eBay, Depop, a blog sale or a car boot sale, there's always someone, somewhere who will want to buy your unwanted things. As a teenager I was a bit of a hoarder, but since moving into my own place I've come to realise that if you haven't used something for a while, then you probably don't need it... Of course there are exceptions, but if you try to be quite strict with yourself and have a really good sort out, you'll probably find there's lots you can sell.

2. Make lists - Whenever I go to the supermarket I make a list, and do my best to stick to it, otherwise my trolly ends up filled with impulse purchases of the latest offers and all of the new chocolate bars! It's also a good idea to shop around as you can make some pretty big savings this way rather than doing all of your shopping in one place. This applies not only to food shopping, but anytime you're going into town - stick to what you 'need' rather than being tempted by things you 'want'.

3. Stick to a budget - Be aware of the money you have 'spare' and the money you need for bills and savings, and make sure you're strict with yourself and stay within budget. It may sound like a really simple and obvious thing to do, but it's one that's really easy to slip up with, however at the end of the month when you sill have some funds left over you'll feel the biggest sense of achievement.

4. Print /cut out coupons - Instead of throwing away the free magazines you pick up at the checkout or the leaflets that come through your door, have a flick through them and see what offers they have. Chances are there will be some you can take advantage of and make some real savings.

5. Eat in - I'm a real nightmare for this, I'd say the majority of the money I 'waste' goes on eating out. It's just quicker, easier and a lot of the time nicer to eat out, it's a way of socialising and something to do... I just think you should limit the amount of times you eat out in a month as it can get out of control.
I can spend £30 on an average meal for the three of us when it would only have cost me about £5 to make it at home - and that really puts things into perspective! From now on I'm trying to eat in six days a week... I can't wait to see how much money I save.

6. Use a piggy bank - This is an easy one... Empty your spare change from your purse into a piggy bank at the end of each day or week, and promise yourself you won't dip into it until it's full. I'm always surprised how much I can save by doing this, even if I'm only saving coppers and the odd 5 and 10p's!

7. Open a savings account - For more of a long term savings option a savings account is always a winner. Set up a bank transfer so that every payday a set amount goes straight into the savings account, it's a sure fire way of having a money safety net.

8. Tidy up - The amount of times I've found pound coins behind the sofa cushions and £5 notes in jeans pockets... If you're really strapped for cash, a good tidy round can often result in finding some money!

9. Take cash shopping not your card - This kind of links in with number 2 in the way that it helps to avoid those impulse purchases. If you're going shopping and can only afford to spend a certain amount, take that with you... don't take your card, that way you can't overspend. 

10. Buy weekly travel cards - If you're commuting to work every day a weekly or monthly pass for the bus or train will save you a fortune, it always works out cheaper than driving and you can utilise your time on public transport to do some work or catch up with commenting on blogs.

Do you have any tips on other ways to save money?
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