Bath products which look and smell good enough to eat are always a winner for me, and the beautiful  Bomb Cosmetics blasters, melts, soaps and mallows are exactly that and then some!

If you haven't already head of Bomb Cosmetics, they are a UK company who have been making and selling bath blasters (their version of a Lush Bath Bomb) for over 17 years. All of their products are handmade and natural and completely cruelty free, even the packaging is made from recycled materials wherever possible.
Their products not only smell and feel wonderful, but they look beautiful too... I now know where I'll be looking when it comes to gifts for any of the ladies in my life! The company is growing and the range is huge now including not only bath products but also candles, reed diffusers, lip balms, body butters, hand wash and so much more... All in the most beautiful packaging!

I really love the Ice Cream Queen Bath Blaster and almost didn't want to use it because it's so pretty with the little ice cream cone on top! This fizzes away under running water releasing perfume and essential oils as it goes... It's a really sweet yet gentle fragrance which comes from the sandalwood and begamot oils in the ingredients and the addition of bicarbonate of soda leaves the water feeling soft and smooth, which really translates onto the skin after your bath.

A much brighter and bolder option is the Diva Fever Bath Blaster, which works in the same way... just drop it into your bath and let it do the rest. This contains a little bit of glitter, which always makes a bath more fun and the ingredients ylang ylang and sandalwood let off another sweet, but slightly stronger scent than the other.

If you're into fruity and zingy scents, you will love the What A Melon Handmade Soap Slice, which smells exactly like fresh watermelon and includes essential oils from grapefruit and pure neroli. The scent it so clean and fresh but not only does it smell good, it looks really great too! All of the Bomb Cosmetics soaps are very mild and super gentle on the skin.

The last product I have been using is the Butter Me Baby Massage Heart which is so wonderful on my dry skin... With the warmth from my hands, this begins to melt and I can work the oils into my skin. I have mostly been using this on my legs after showering and I almost instantly feel a difference. This smells so beautiful, it's fruity yet sweet and includes top notes of blackcurrant and blood orange with ginger blossom, freesia and vanilla, plus the addition of cocoa butter, it smells almost edible!

There are so many more things I want to try from the range now... Let me know if there's anything you would recommend!
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