Natural remedies really intrigue me... I'd much rather use something natural on my body than something packed with chemicals, which has lead me to trying some essential oils.

Buff & Butter offer 100% pure and natural essential oils which have endless benefits for the mind, body and soul.
When it came to selecting some oils to try out, I was a little spoilt for choice... It would have been easy to simply pick the oils I thought would smell the nicest, but instead I decided to read into what each oil can be used for and make an educated decision.

Grapefruit Essential Oil can be used as a natural toner and purifier, which is a great ingredient to include if you make your own skincare products. It can be mixed with water to clean and tone the skin or to creams to help leave the skin feeling and looking refreshed. I'm going to try adding a few drops of this to a homemade face mask recipe, which will not only smell beautiful but will add so many benefits.
I have also been putting a few drops of this into my bath on a morning as a bit of a wake-up thanks to it's strong and tangy scent, but also to relax my muscles and joints (which is greatly needed now that  I've started exercising again!)

Orange Sweet Organic Essential Oil is my favourite scent of them all, it's very sweet and fresh which can help to promote the feeling of happiness and energy... A great little pick me up scent for those who suffer from depression or if you're just having a bad day. When added to the bath or massage oil, the aroma fills the room and can help to protect against cold and flu.

Bay Laurel Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic which is ideal for treating skin conditions, minor wounds, acne and dandruff... I'm going to experiment with using this to target any break outs I have over the next few weeks - hopefully it will work! When used with a diffuser or vaporiser, the scent will fill a room with a pleasant yet spicy aroma which can help to relieve stress and nerves and as a massage oil this can help to sooth pain in the muscles.

Black Pepper Essential Oil smells incredible yet very strong, it's a very woody, musky scent which is proven to help with productivity... Just a few drops of this into your diffuser will keep you awake and feeling great. It can also be added to bath water to help to improve circulation.

Rosemary Essential Oil is probably my favourite oil for it's benefits so far. I have been adding a drop of this into my shampoo to help with my sensitive scalp and skin irritation I can suffer from around my hairline and it's definitely helping to combat any soreness... It also leaves my hair smelling wonderful!

If you haven't tried anything like this before Buff & Butter's Essential Oils start at really affordable prices (the cheapest is only £1.50) and the range is so vast, there will be something for anyone's personal needs or requirements.
Do you have any recommendations for other ways I can use the oils I have?
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