I can't remember my life without The Body Shop in it... As a child I used to spend my pocket money on their lip balms and mouldable soap and to this day I still use their products on a daily basis.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with products, especially when you find something which really works for you and the temptation to step away from these becomes lesser. However with The Body Shop I love to switch and change between their ranges and try out new things, as I always find their products suit my skin type and really work for me... It's just fun to change it up a bit with the scents and formulas.
I was in Sunderland shopping a couple of weeks ago and decided to pop into The Body Shop in The Bridges Shopping Centre to treat myself to something new and I ended coming away with three really lovely products...
From The new Drops Of Light range which takes inspiration from Korean whitening products is the Drops Of Light Brightening Cleansing Foam. This range is designed to brighten the skin and leave it looking translucent, partly thanks to the main active ingredient; Red Algae extract which is proven to have positive effects on skin pigmentation meaning that with constant use, skin tone will become much more even over time. 
I suffer from dry and sensitive skin which results in my skin appearing dull, so anything which promises to brighten can instantly grab my attention! This is my go-to choice for my morning cleanse as it is wonderfully creamy, foams up easily and is quite a pleasure to use. It leaves my skin glowing and awakened, ready for me to moisturise before putting on my makeup... I know some people think foaming cleansers can be quite stripping on the skin, but this is so creamy, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at all - it's quite the opposite!
I have to add that I love the packaging too, the white and lilac/silver metallic detailing is so pretty... Well done Body Shop!
For my night-time cleanse I have been using the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, a balm cleanser created for those of us who suffer with skin sensitivity. This has been around for quite a while now, but I've somehow managed not to try it until now... and I'm really wishing I had discovered it sooner!  
There isn't much of a scent to this, just a clean, fresh kind of smell and it contains a synthetic wax, shea butter and ethylhexyl palmitate all of which work hugely in favour for dry/sensitive skin types like mine... For those of you with oily or acne prone skin I'd probably say this really isn't for you. The oily consistency tends to hang around on the skin and leave a bit of a film even after washing the face, which for us on the dry skin team is great, it's like an overnight moisture mask which soaks in as you sleep.
A tiny amount of this goes a really long way, when applied to dry skin this melts away all of my makeup with no effort at all, just simple circular motions with my finger tips is enough for this to do it's job. I then take a warm, damp muslin cloth and wipe away all of my makeup and any dirt from my skin. I always find that cleansing balms leave my skin feeling cleaner than any other cleanser, my skin always feels fresh after use and really looked after, I think of a balm as a bit of a luxury when it comes to skincare.
The newest range to hit The Body Shop is the British Rose collection, a set of products created using hand picked, organic roses from Hertfordshire, which are air-dried and then infused into the products to give beautiful perfume to everything in the range. 
Some people may be put off from trying these products because of the 'rose' scent, however I urge you to give these a sniff next time you're in store... They don't smell overly floral with that typical 'old lady' scent, they are light, fresh and Summery.
I have been trialing the British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub which exfoliates and purifies the skin as you bathe but somehow feels so much different and much more luxurious to any regular body scrub. The texture is like no other, a dense, jelly consistency which is packed with exfoliating beads which despite being gentle on the skin, still manage to buff away dead skin cells leaving my skin feeling extremely smooth and soft. As with all rose based products, this is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive... I definitely want to try more from this range!

What would you guys recommend I try from The Body Shop next?
I really want to try the new Pina Colada range!!

Thank you to The Body Shop Sunderland for gifting me these items.
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