As soon as the sun shines, it's time to whip out the Summer accessories; the sandals, the hats and the shades... Ohhh the shades! I wouldn't go as far as wearing mine when it's raining, but apart from that I'm pretty much obsessed!

Each year I feel it necessary to have a new pair, and this year's choice are the Professor Hayes frames from Cheapass Sunglasses, a simple round black frame with smoke coloured lenses made special with the rose gold metallic nose bridge and brow bar.
They also come in a brown frame with brown lenses, a tortoise shell frame with orange lenses and a black fame with mirrored green/blue lenses... the last two being very Quay Australia-esque.

I find the round frames really flattering to my face shape, they have quite a retro/modern look to them and the smoke lenses give them a bit of sum' sum'! Not only do they look good, but they do the most important job of all by protecting your eyes against harmful sun rays with 100% UV protection.
I chose the black and smoke version as I wanted a pair of everyday sunnies to wear with anything and everything, and they certainly tick all of the boxes.

If this style isn't for you, the site is definitely worth a browse. They have sunglasses in every shape and style you could wish for, for men as well as women.
At such a great price (only $8.95 which converts to just over £6), I'm really tempted to get myself a couple more pairs... A pair for the car, a pair for holidays, a pair for keeping in my handbag - Which may sound extravagant, but when they're so affordable, why not?! The tortoise shell pair are really drawing me in as they're a complete opposite alternative, yet in a style that I know really works for me.

Are you going to update your sunglasses collection this season?
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