People often ask me why I started blogging. Would you believe me if I said it was never planned, it just sort of happened?!

Back in September 2009 I was sat at home, feeling fat, feeling fed up... I was pregnant with Elodie and I was bored. I've always been a real workaholic, and worked throughout my pregnancy in one of my local Topshop stores. When they day came to go on maternity leave it was a mixed bag of emotions; firstly I was excited to be getting closer to welcoming my baby girl into the world, I was also terrified that the birth was impending! I was sad to be leaving my work friends behind, but also couldn't wait to have some paid time off and maternity leave started off great, no early alarm calls, no late night shifts, I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. 

Soon the boredom kicked in, and I found myself spending my days on the internet reading blogs... I don't remember exactly how I discovered my first blog, I think I was directed to one through Live Journal (remember that?!) I spent a few weeks just reading posts, which were mainly Lush hauls, car boot sale finds and 'FOTD' (face of the day) posts if I remember rightly! Nobody had fancy cameras or studio lights, everything was so simple and organic back then and I loved it, and soon decided I wanted to be a part of it.

My favourite bloggers and my real inspirations to start blogging were; Laura from Lollipop26, who now blogs at Buy Now, Blog Later... She was basically my beauty guru, whatever she said and whatever products she recommended was gospel to me! 
Victoria from Lily Loves Lola, possibly the most feel good blog I have ever read (and still do to this day), it's a mixed bag of cute pugs, makeup, food, fashion and lifestyle.
Milly from Pearls & Poodles started her blog a few months after mine, and I remember falling in love with her photography and her beautiful way with words instantly. Beauty reviews and outfits were the focus of the blog, but these days there is everything from beauty to lifestyle with a lovely little baby added to the mixture.
Zoe from Zoella, who worked in New Look when I did and was the queen of thrift - how she used to find so many amazing beauty products for 50p at car boot sales I will never know! 
Fee from Makeup Savvy, another blog which was born around the same time as mine, which focuses mainly on affordable beauty products - Still my go-to blog for any must have products.
Lily from LLYMLRS was my favourite fashion blogger... I used to fall in love with every outfit she posted and still read her blog all the time!
Unfortunately some of the other blogs I loved aren't around anymore, does anyone remember Blair On A Budget or Morven from Cats & Rocking Chairs?!

On September 13th 2009 I picked up my laptop and set up my blog... Which brings me to how I decided on the name 'That's Peachy'. I have no idea where this came from, I think I wanted something cute and girly sounding, and kind of short and snappy... I don't hate the name, but I don't love it anymore either, I'm considering a re-brand sometime soon, but it does scare me a little bit!
My first post was a quick introduction, in which I say that I don't know what my blog will really be about but 'I love writing, photography, fashion and beauty', which is really quite funny because that's basically still my main theme! 

I do wish I had documented more about Elodie on here, as she was born only two weeks after my first post, it would be so lovely to look back on. Instead I just posted sporadically, when I could or when I felt like it and it wasn't until Elodie was around five months old that I really got into the swing of things managing my time around looking after my baby and blogging.
I've never deleted any of my blog posts (it has crossed my mind a few times), but I don't see any harm in having the old very cringe-worthy posts still on here... It's something to look back on and laugh at, but also something to compare my blog to now and see how That's Peachy has grown and developed.

I would never have dreamed that almost seven years later, this little place on the internet which I set up to cure my maternity leave boredom would become my biggest hobby, passion and now my job! Initially I thought as soon as I went back to work after maternity leave that I wouldn't blog any more, but I couldn't imagine my life without blogging now. 
I have made friends through my blog, I have learned so much and been given amazing opportunities working with brands I love, blogging really is the best thing I ever did and I don't know where I'd be or what I'd be doing without it!

I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads That's Peachy, wether you've been here from the start or this is the first time you've visited, it means so much to me.
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