Last week saw the much anticipated launch of the new Benefit brow collection; a range of ten new products, available in up to six different shades - There really is no excuse not to have your browns on fleek anymore!

Benefit are known as the go-to brand for Brow products already and have the best selling brow products world wide with Gimmie Brow (which has just jumped up to 1st place) and Brow Zings.
If you're already a fan of these products, fear not, they're not going anywhere. The products have just been repackaged and new shades have been introduced.

I have attended a couple of events in Debenhams stores in the North East to celebrate the launch of the collection. I have seen the products in action, tried them myself, been colour matched and admired the beautiful new packaging.
I haven't been this excited for a new beauty launch for a very long time, so let me tell you about the products...

So let's start with Gimmie Brow, which is one of my daily go-to products for my brows. This is the exact same formula as the Gimmie Brow we already know and love, now packaged in a cute little silver bullet and available in three shades; 1, 3 and 5. Three is the new shade, a mid toned brown with a slight hint of red to it, making it a much more natural shade for brunettes who found shades 1 and 5 too light or dark previously.
This contains tiny microfibres which attach to the brow hairs, creating a fuller, thicker but still completely natural looking brow. Gimme Brow is ideal for any gal who needs a quick brow fix on a morning... Apply this on it's own or on top of your brow powder to achieve your desired look (the latter being my personal way to wear!)

Brow Zings is another must have brow product for me... let's face it, if you haven't heard of this, you must have been hiding under a rock for the past few years! As before this consists of a tinted brow wax and powder, which used together or alone are an essential for anyone who wants to perfect their brows. There are also mini tweezers and the new folding double ended brow brush included in the compact (thank you to whoever invented the folding brush, I'm so happy to see we don't have to mess around with the fiddly little brushes anymore!) Brow Zings is also now repackaged in the silver casing to match the entire collection.
Three new shades have been added to the Brow Zings range so there is a spectrum of six shades to choose from now ranging from light to deep. 

One of the already existing products which has now been reformulated slightly is High Brow; the brow highlighting pencil. For me, this is so much better than the original version... It is so much creamier and smoother to apply and blend, yet still gives that perfect matte yet bright highlight to the brow bone.
If you're more of a glowy highlight kinda girl, then High Brow Glow is the one for you. Again this is extremely soft and creamy to apply but this is in a luminous golden shade... Maybe a better option for an evening look or to accentuate a tan. 

One of the most intriguing products has to be the Browvo conditioning eyebrow primer, which was the UK and USA number 1 pre-sale order from the collection. This contains soy proteins and keratin which are most commonly known as ingredients in hair products, but let's not forget your brows are hair too, and they need looking after!
As this is a clear gel, it will suit all brows and can be worn alone or under your brow products as a primer or/and overnight as more of a treatment. Although this doesn't claim to make the brows grow, I know people who have been using this for over a month and have said that they are noticing faster growth from their brows.

My favourite product from the range is Ka-Brow, a cream gel brow colour (much like a pomade). Available in six shades, again there is something to match everyone's colouring, Ka-Brow helps to achieve that perfect 'Instagram brow' look, it can be built to create real drama and sculpt the brow so easily, you can create an ombre brow or it can be applied lightly and blended for a more natural look.
This comes with an angled brush which fits into the lid of the product, which is ideal for shaping the brows. The product is long lasting (up to 24 hours) and waterproof, and believe me, it really is... Once it dries, It's not going anywhere! 

If you're looking for a super quick and easy brow, I'd really recommend the Goof Proof eyebrow pencil which again is available in six shades. This has a diamond shaped end to the pencil, which may sound strange, but it makes life so much easier... The thicker end fills the brow and the thin end defines the tail, it's all done in seconds. The formula is really creamy, so there's no dragging on the skin and it leaves a really natural finish to the brow. The pencil really cleverly self-sharpens so there's no mess, and you get a spoolie-brush on the end to blend and neaten after filling in. 

If you're a fan of pencils but prefer a much more definite brow with defined hairs, then Precisely eyebrow pencil is the one for you. This is a much sharper and finer pencil which again comes in six shades, self sharpens and has the added spoolie. It's so easy to create hair like strokes with this, and although it's sharp, it's really gentle and easy to use and work with. I've been using this to create a really defined line underneath my brow and I already feel it's a much needed part of my brow routine every day. 

3D BROWtones eyebrow enhancer is another really unique product, this is available in two shades, one of which creates lo-lites for the brow and the other creates highlights for the brow. Everyone loves to highlight their hair, so why to treat your brows the same?! Applied like a brow mascara alone or with other products, this really adds some texture and dimension to the brows and if you hate feeling like your brows are dull or appear flat, then this will work wonders for you!
This does appear slightly shimmery on first impressions, however this doesn't transfer onto the brows... it is quite hard to describe, but I love it and I would really recommend giving this a go.

Last up is a bit of a must have for anyone and everyone, no matter what style of brows you prefer; Ready, Set, Brow clear brow gel is an invisible setting gel for the brows, which you simply brush through once you're finished styling. This dries completely invisible and can be used on top of products or alone, depending on your desired look.

Benefit have also released a new dual ended brow brush, a pair of slanted grooming tweezers and an all purpose pencil sharpener.

If you're in the North East, you can head to the Benefit counter in Debenhams Metro Centre for a free brow mapping and colour match to the new products - you can even have a consultation to see which products will work best for you and try before you buy with one of the lovely counter staff. To do this, just tell them you heard about it through my blog!
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