Well hello, happy weekend to you all, I hope you're having a good one.
I've dragged myself away from reality tv for a while to write up this post, I don't know how I'm going to keep functioning each evening while Big Brother and Love Island are on!

I'm not going to lie, I ummed and ahhed over posting these photos, which were actually the photos that have kickstarted me into working out and eating healthy... When I looked back on these after shooting them, I almost cried. I feel like I look really overweight in them, my legs look really big and when comparing these shots to some from last year I'm a little bit disgusted with myself. Luckily I took plenty of photos so I was able to pick the best of the bunch to share on here, and I'm actually glad I made myself feel that way, because I feel so much better about myself now.

Three weeks on from taking these photos (yes it's taken me that long to decide wether to share them or not!), I've improved my diet and I've been exercising daily, so hopefully the results will soon start to be noticeable. I decided to post the pictures anyway, as I really do like the outfit and it's a little different to how I would usually style the pieces.

I used to wear florals all of the time, but haven't for what feels like years, but there was something about this blouse that really drew me to it. It's something I find myself picking up to wear quite often and I know it will last me all year round thanks to it's really wearable colour palette. It looks good worn simply like this, layered under my leather jacket or underneath a pinafore dress... Which leads me to believe that I need to buy some dungarees to wear with it too.
The colours in the blouse sit perfectly with the colour of my most worn jeans (as you can tell by the size of the holes in them)... I'm going to be devastated when they get too big to wear, they're the comfiest jeans ever! Seriously though, Mango jeans beat all other in my opinion.
Speaking of comfy, these boots are amazing and the only pair of heels I can really get away with for daywear. I thought the colour would be restricting but I've even been wearing them with all black outfits... You can't beat a statement shoe.

Of course I'm carrying my Kate Spade bag which I got for Christmas... I don't know where I'e be without this baby in my life, perfect size, prefect style, perfect colour.

In other news, during my walk yesterday (I have a FitBit so I'm obsessed with getting all of my daily steps done) I found some really cute, quiet little places that I'm going to venture to for my next outfit shoot - I'm hoping the neighbours don't chase me, but so excited to have some better locations for my photos!
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03
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