Fitness can mean something different to each individual and until a few months ago it really didn't mean anything to me. I've recently had a change of heart however, and I'm taking my fitness and general health a lot more seriously, one little step at a time.

Now I'm not claiming to be a fitness guru (I can tell you for sure that I am not), I am also no expert, but a few simple things have been helping me to get fitter and healthier all at the same time. Maybe this will help you or inspire you in some way, maybe it won't, but what I do know is that I wish I had started this a long time ago, which is why I decided to share my little steps on here.

Keeping A Food Diary
One thing which is really working and making me be good is the fact that I have started to write down everything I eat each day. The first day I did this, I was embarrassed about what I had eaten (half a packet of Digestives is no good for anyone!) and it's instantly improved the way I eat from that day. Since I've been working from home (almost 5 months now), I've found myself snacking all the time, and the fact that I'm working at a desk and not really moving around hasn't helped matters... Keeping a food diary is a sure fire way for me to stop nibbling on naughty things while I work. I didn't even realise I was doing it half the time, it just became a bit of a habit, but now I'm conscious of what I eat and it's definitely doing my waistline some favours.

Exercise Daily
I'm not going to lie, I am pretty unfit. I have actually stopped going to the gym for a while in favour of working out at home to build up a bit of stamina... However I am making a conscious effort to do some form of exercise every day; this is either walking to school to take and collect Elodie each day which is 1 mile each way and I power walk the direction when I'm not with Elodie, or doing some Youtube workout videos. My favourite videos so far are these videos from Carly Rowena (which I go through twice in a row) and The Lean Machines (although I can only manage the first 6 minutes of this one). Since starting these I've realised how difficult I find planking - It's agony, but once I've done this little bit of exercise each day, I feel so much better about myself. 

Fortnightly Photos
As I'm getting serious about actually losing some weight I've decided to keep track of my progress by taking photos every two weeks... If I'm successful I might pluck up the courage to share them on here. I feel that this will be the best way of really seeing if I have made any difference to my body and also judging it by how tight my jeans feel.
I've never been one for using scales, and to be honest I couldn't care less about how much I weigh, for me it's about how I look and feel in myself.

Doing A Healthy Weekly Shop
When I am shopping I'm making sure to go with a list and know what I am going to buy... No impulse buying of biscuits or chocolate, I'm being really strict with myself. If there aren't any naughty treats in the house then I can't snack on them... Instead I'm filling my fridge with yogurts and fruit and having noodles or fish for dinner instead of bacon sandwiches.

No Snacking
I'm trying my best to have actual meals each day and avoiding snacking. Working from home is a nightmare when it comes to just popping to the kitchen for something to eat every hour or so and I'm glad I've stopped myself from doing this sooner rather than later. I am now making myself eat breakfast every morning even if it's just picking up a banana on my way out the door to the school and I'm making myself a healthy dinner each night.

Drink water
Throughout the day I've been trying to keep myself feeling full by drinking plenty of water, and I'm currently drinking around 2 litres a day, which is the recommended daily intake for an adult. I'm not only finding that this keeps me from wanting to snack, but it also keeps me hydrated while I work out and actually leaves me feeling better about myself - It is so much healthier than drinking fizzy drinks all day long!

Do you have any little keep fit tips for me to try?
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