Let me introduce you to Dusty Girls; a range of mineral makeup which provides you with a natural and healthy coverage - without the chemicals!

If you suffer from sensitive or acne prone skin I feel your pain and understand that trying new brands and new products can be daunting, but Dusty Girls may just be the brand you've been searching for... The natural blend of makeup lets your skin breathe and is free from any chemicals which can clog your pores or irritate the skin.
The products are all vegan and include ingredients found in the natural clays and minerals of the Earth, they are also cruelty free and all of their cardboard packaging is made from recycled cardboard.
Created by the people behind MooGoo skincare (which helped to clear up my eczema), I had high hopes for this range before I even tried it.

I have been trying out a few of their products to create a light everyday Summer makeup look, starting out with the Earth Cream for my base. First impressions of this told me that it was going to be much too dark for my skin tone despite having the 'light' shade (which is the palest shade available), however I can get away with it if I apply it little by little and really blend it in, unfortunately anyone paler than myself may find this too dark.
With a buffing brush, makeup sponge or just your fingers, this blends out easily to create a really natural, slightly glowy base which can also be layered to give medium/high coverage. It's quite thick in consistency, so a little can go a long way and it's also quite moisturising which is great news for me and my fellow dry skin sufferers.

To add a bit of colour to the face I used the Natural Mineral Bronzer in 'Sunshine', a slightly shimmery natural bronze shade and the Natural Mineral Blush in 'Pink Ladies', a gentle girly pink shade which transfers beautifully onto the cheeks. Both are packaged in cute sliding cardboard boxes featuring cute quotes and the compacts have the Dusty Girls logo on the lid.
Although the bronzer has a slight shimmer in the pan, it doesn't really transfer onto the skin, instead you are left with a luminous glow which gives the impression of healthier, younger skin. I've been using this to apply a light contour or to bronze over my cheeks and forehead... The shade really suits my pale skin and looks nothing but natural.
The blush is a colour I will find myself reaching for continuously throughout the year, it's a really versatile shade which adds a realistic flush of colour to my cheeks.

Completing the look are the Dusty Girls Natural Vegan Lipsticks which I have in shades 'Cacau Shake' and 'Chia Seeds', both of which are really buttery to apply and are oh so comfortable to wear.
Cacau Shake is a light brown shade and Chia Seeds is a red toned nude, both really wearable everyday lipsticks which I really love. They contain jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Shea butter which moisturise and hydrate while you wear them and they leave the lips looking really glossy.

I have definitely found myself some go-to products for daytime wear with this range, and can't wait to try more.
What products do you reach for to create a natural makeup look?
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