I've never been much of a jewellery girl, but when it comes to accessories I can't get enough. I love to change up an outfit with one or two pieces and sometimes think accessories can be overlooked when it comes to making an investment. 

Something I have always wanted to add to my wardrobe is a pair of silver or holographic shoes, but I've never managed to find a pair that I really love, until now! I really have found my dream pair of shoes; the cute little block heel, the thin buckles... I can imagine these worn with little dresses, skinny jeans, tapered trousers, I'm excited to finally buy these on payday and I'm so glad I waited to find the perfect pair.
Another thing I won't spontaneously spend money on is a watch, but I've fallen a bit for this beautiful one from Olivia Burton. The big dial, the rose gold and the grey just ticks all of the boxes for me, I'm very tempted!

Every Summer I feel it necessary to buy myself a few new tote bags in pretty colours to accessories with simple outfits and this year I'm loving muted or pastel shades. The two bags pictured are the ones top of my hit list at the moment, I just can't decide which one I need the most!
I also think a must have purchase is a new pair of sunglasses and right now there are so many pairs that I love. This pair are a really wearable style and I love the colours, but I'm also loving the pink and rose gold pair that Sophie always wears on Love Island... I don't think they're quite as versatile but I'm a bit split for choice.

My obsession with pretty underwear is getting a little bit out of control and this beautiful bralette isn't helping things. It's stunning, it's simple and wearable and it's so affordable. There is no doubt I will have bought this by the end of today!
The other thing I'm ready to put in my basket and pay for is this amazing choker, which I have been eyeing up for a while. I imagine this with a white shirt and leather look trousers - simple and perfect. Just my luck it's currently out of stock, but I have been reassured it will be back soon, phew.
Lastly I really want this phone case, isn't it cute?! I don't need it, I have a perfectly good Friends case on my phone right now, but the excessive side of me likes to change up my phone case now and again... Would it be ridiculous to say I could change my case to match my outfit?!

Do you like to refresh your accessory choices now and again?
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