Cher from Clueless was my idol throughout all of my teenage years... I wanted her looks, her life and even her pink fluffy pen but most of all I wanted her wardrobe, even that yellow checked two-piece!

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, I think everyone my age and five years either side wanted to be her, so what would you say if I told you that you could have your own version of Cher's famous interactive wardrobe on your phone?!
Let me introduce you to Cluise; a smartphone app which will help to organise your wardrobe and be your very own digital stylist.

Every week I am guilty of saying I have nothing to wear, when in reality I have too much and can get quite overwhelmed with what to wear day to day. This always results in me outfit repeating and grabbing the same few items all of the time - not necessarily a bad thing, but why not get the most out of the clothes I own? Which is where Cluise comes in perfectly...
Cluise is completely free to download on iOS or Android and is definitely a must have app for any fashion blogger!
Signing up to the app takes a matter of seconds and you can then begin to build your wardrobe simply by taking photos of your clothes, shoes and accessories... For me this would take a hell of a long time to upload every single item I own (Yes I'm a hoarder), but this app is helping me to create a capsule wardrobe for myself and it's encouraging me to get more wear from simple pieces by changing up my accessories or matching pieces.
The app is also clever enough to recognise the items you upload including style and colour and will organise your digital wardrobe by types of item.
You have the option to 'heart' an outfit suggestion if you really love it, save a look for later or give an outfit a thumbs down, Cluise uses your likes and dislikes to learn about what combinations you will want to wear.
Not only does the app help me to piece together my outfits by using real-time weather, but it also helps me to keep track of the items I'm never reaching for, which makes it much easier for me to make the decision of what to sell when I'm having a clear out. There is an option to sell your clothes through the app, which will also suggest your pieces to users who like similar things and likewise items for sale from other users will be suggested to you in outfit ideas if they suit your personal style.
I haven't sold anything on the app yet, but I will most definitely be giving it a try soon as I'm loving the whole capsule wardrobe thing and really need to downsize my stash!

There is also an option to share your outfits in a lookbook style section of the app and you can follow other users who's outfits you like for ideas and inspiration. With over 300,000 worldwide users using the app at the moment, you're sure to find some people to follow and get plenty of ideas for new looks.

If you hear yourself crying out 'I have nothing to wear' get yourself this app and don't forget to follow me!
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