The holiday season is here! While you may be excited about jetting off somewhere warm, don't worry... it's natural to feel a little apprehensive before you rock your beachwear. If this is the case with you, then forget what everyone else will be thinking and start focussing on how you want to be feeling. Looking good in that sexy beach wear of yours is not always about having a lean body, not everyone hits the gym every day like they say they do, and not everyone has resisted cake and ice cream in the run up to their holiday either. In fact, it's all about how to carry it off with ease and confidence. If you're tired of being in a cover-up all Summer long, then take these tips next time you slip into your swimsuit. 

That old cliche;
You do not need to compare your body type with that model from the Victoria Secret ad! We all come in different shapes and sizes. It's the differences which make us unique, so we shouldn't obsess about them. Don't waste your time by looking at your body in the mirror and analysing each part you hate. It's not doing anyone any good. Instead wear whatever the f you like and get out, don't hide behind your glasses frames, just enjoy you holiday because no one is judging your body as much as you think they are, in fact they're probably too busy worrying about their own to be looking at yours. 

Pick up the outfit that makes you comfortable;
Pick out cuts and colours that you love. While you might not feel good in an off the shoulder top, you could feel amazing in the same print that has a broader strap. There is always a meeting point between covering up completely and flashing a bit of skin.
I think accessorising helps too, add some statement jewellery or some bold sunglasses to give you some extra confidence. 

Wear waterproof makeup;
Heavy makeup doesn't  work well in Summer, especially at beaches. But if you really want to apply some, stick to a sunscreen, a BB cream and some waterproof eye makeup that will last through any number of canon balls or banana boat rides! You will still feel polished and won't have to worry about your makeup melting away. Plus you'll be able to pull off the perfect beach selfie!

Have a good time;
Just keep reminding yourself that you are on holiday to have an amazing time! Take the time to relax, sunbathe or even play a few bingo games online to distract yourself from any stress or worries you have left at home. 

Whatever you do, never get intimidated, and always feel confident in your skin. Nobody can be as awesome as you are, remember that... If you can believe in yourself, it will shine through for everyone else to see. 
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