I think everyone and their Mother has heard about the new brow products launched by Benefit last month; Ten products which can fix anybodies brow woes and have your brows looking super fleeky!

I went along to my local Benefit Brow Bar in Debenhams Middlesbrough for a full on brow makeover using loads of their new products with their account manager Danielle. We went for quite a structured brow, and kept the angles crisp and clean as I have just had a new wax done and was going out that evening. For an every day brow I wouldn't usually go quite as square at the ends and would probably make it a little softer.

To start with my brows were prepped for makeup application and conditioned using the Browvo Conditioning Primer. This is a clear gel which is simply brushed through the bows using the rubbery end of the wand which not only helps to evenly disperse the product but also makes it feel so relaxing   which is helped with the gel being really cooling on application too.
After applying my brows were left to dry for around three minutes before applying any makeup on top, which is one of the reasons some of you may prefer to use this only at nighttime as more of a treatment rather than as a primer. If you do need to get ready quickly in the morning and still want to prime your brows with this, try using Ka Brow straight after application as this will glide on smoothly.
With ingredients including Keratin and Soy Protein this conditions the brow hairs and I swear since using this my brows have been growing a lot faster than they usually would! 

The underline of my brows was defined with a crisp, sharp line using Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade 5. It has a very fine, sharp tip to the pencil which gives such clean cut lines, it's perfect for helping to create a really sculpted brow and for drawing realistic individual hairs where needed.
Once my underline is drawn on, I blend this out slightly using the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil to soften slightly.

Next comes my favourite product (big claim!) from the new collection; Ka Brow cream gel brow colour which I also use in shade 5... If you're unsure of which shade you would need, pop along to your local Benefit Brow Bar and ask them to colour match you, it's so quick and easy!
Ka Brow is Benefit's take on the brow pomade, the product you need to create defined, perfected 'Insta brows'. Danielle used it to create a bit of an ombre look on my brows by working it from the bottom up, rather than filling all of my brows in with solid colour, this technique definitely left my brows looking more natural.
I was so impressed with how this applied, it's so creamy and smooth it really does glide on with ease, and the pigmentation is amazing - ten out of ten for this one Benefit!

As I like my brows to look as full and 'hairy' as possible, we used Gimmie Brow in the new shade 3 to backcomb my brows, and accentuate them as much as possible. I've always been a fan of Gimmie Brow, but have never used it against the direction of the growth of the hairs before, but from now on I will! This is such a simple trick to making the brows appear fuller and the hairs appear thicker and longer.

We could have left it there as my brows were looking tip top at this point, but Danielle wanted to try the 3D Brow Tones on me; a product which will add high lights and low lights to your brows. If I'm honest this is quite a love/hate product in the blogging world, but I'm quite a fan as I find this really lifts the brows and prevents them from looking flat or overly fake and coloured in. I wouldn't necessarily reach for this every day of the week, but I'd use it either if I'm going all out with my makeup for a night out or if I'm really rushing my makeup one day; I think this on top of Browzings would be really simple but effective.

Last but not least we used High Brow Glow to high light my brow bone. I'm as much of a fan of a bit of highlight as the next person, and this really is a good one! It's really creamy in the stick and goes on so softly without any pulling to the skin or any need for pressure. It's so quick and foolproof to apply, just draw some under the brow and blend with your finger - Boom you're good to go with all attention drawn to your perfect arch.

I loved having my brows made over by Benefit, and trying all of the new products was great.
My stand out items would have to be the Browvo Conditioning Primer, Precisely My Brow Pencil and Ka Brow, but I was honestly and truthfully impressed with them all.

Have you tried the new brow products yet?
Which are your favourites?
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