I'm not just a crazy cat lady, I'm a crazy animal lady... Big or small, I'll find a way to love it.
Right now we only have one pet; our 1 year old cat called Binky, but over the years I've had seven ponies, two dogs, three cats, an abundance of goldfish, two rabbits, a couple of budgies, a wood finch and even an injured pigeon living in my bathroom for a few weeks!

Animals are funny things, if you're not really a pet person you probably won't understand, but they all have their own personalities, character traits and habits. They become part of the family and you can love them just as much (or sometimes more!) than the humans in your life. 
I love having a cat, they're a great companion and cuddle buddy and can become your best friend. If you're thinking about bringing a furry friend into your home, here are five things I wish someone had told me before I made the decision...

You're no longer the boss: Forget those Sunday morning sleep ins, when your cat decides it's time to get up, it's time to get up. There's no compromise or discussion here, wether it takes a couple of nuzzles to your nose, a cheeky paw on the cheek or a full on attack on your feet through the covers, when cat says wake up, it's time to wake up! 

Primark bags are the best present ever: Cats love to play, especially when they're young and the pet shops and supermarkets are well stocked with various balls, fluffy mice, feathers on string and anything else you can imagine to entertain your whiskered friend. These treats usually go down really well, and will be played with until they're torn apart, however I have never known a cat be more excited by anything than a Primark bag (or any paper bag for that matter). This is when a cats imagination really comes to life, they will most likely climb in it and pretend it's their den, this goes of the biggest of bags or even the smallest ones - your cat will make itself fit! They also enjoy scratching the bags, chewing the bags, pouncing on the bags... honestly they will be entertained for hours.

Your furniture will be ruined: A slightly/very negative point to owning a cat is that your beautiful furniture will most likely be ruined in some way or another. Carpets will be pulled up, tables and mantle pieces will be scratched and the arms of your chairs and sofa will be shredded so much that you may want to cry. My wooden bed frame and brand new Laura Ashley wallpaper have also suffered at the hands (or claws) of Little Miss Binky.

You must learn to share your food: Cats can be fussy eaters, once they've had a taste of that luxury cat food with chunks of real fish or meaty jelly, they won't want to go back to the supermarkets own... They won't care how many different flavours you buy in the hope of saving some money (the go through a lot of food), once they've had the good stuff, there's no going back.
This also applies to your food... remember the day you shared that last bite of your steak or put the last few scraps of your chippy tea into the cat bowl? Well your cat certainly does, and every time they smell that familiar food, they won't let you forget it! You think a dog can beg? Wait until your cat is practically sitting on your plate helping herself to your dinner!

They can be very clever or very silly: There doesn't seem to be an in-between with cats, they're either sitting across the room from you, giving you the evil eye and making you feel guilty for something that you don't know you've done or they're climbing the walls, balancing on the top of the door frame or pouncing on your head from the top of the wardrobe when you sleep. Needless to say, life with a cat is eventful.

Please take anything I have said with a pinch of salt, of course all animals are different. Before you commit to a pet, remember they need lots of love, care and attention and they cost a lot of money throughout the year.
Despite all of this, having a pet can really complete your family and I wouldn't change Binky for the world!
(*In collaboration with Whiskas)
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