Shooting blog photos on a beach may be pretty, but it's not an easy task let me tell you! 
I chose a calm, bright day to head down to the water with Elodie and Robbie, ready to snap away (after building sandcastles and paddling of course... priorities!), and as soon as my feet touched the sand, the wind hit my hair.
This has resulted in my hair getting bigger and messier as time went on, but I do love a beachy scene, so I decided to use the pictures regardless. In truth, I actually like them and there are some corker outtakes!

It's been so lovely having Elodie at home for the Summer holidays so far, and although we haven't been many places (why does a day out have to cost so much money?!) we have been making sure to spend some quality time and have fun doing things which don't cost us so much.
We're really lucky to live so close to the beach, and to me there's nothing better than spending time by the sea... the fresh air, the sand between our toes and the fish and chips, what more could you ask for?

It's been a lot harder to keep up with blogging while she's been home, and at first I was feeling a little guilty about it as my routine has completely changed to revolve around her. After some thought, I've decided that blogging will have to take a little bit of a back seat for the duration of the holidays, as I know she comes first and that's okay, why should I feel guilty?!
I'm still managing to post three or four times a week, which should be more than enough, and I've being able to get some new content while we've been out and about too, so all's not lost. 
I'm also planning videos to film, which I will be starting when Elodie is back at school in September... I think I'll be raring to go when the time comes.
Isn't Elodie turning into such a good poser? I actually love featuring her on here and I'm going to continue to do so more often... Maybe she should have her own blog soon. She's even doing the leg on the wall pose in the last picture (I had to mention that just to clarify that she does in fact have two legs!)

I love the sleeves so much on my top that I had to Instagram them prior to this post going live, they're so girly and cute and add a really nice touch to the top. I've been wearing this a lot lately, as it's so comfy and the shade of blue is perfect for the Summer. Whether teamed with white or blue jeans it's a really easy go-to kind of outfit.
These jeans in particular are one of my favourite pairs I own; they're really stretchy, really skinny and the high waist holds in my lumps and bumps perfectly! Gone are the days when I believed you had to spend a tonne on your denim to get the best pair, these are the Jessie jeans from Matalan, they're raved about by Abbey Clancy and believe it or not, they only cost £15. I love a skinny jean and I love a bargain, so for me these really are a dream come true!

Where do you go to for your favourite jeans?

I do hope you can forgive me for the lack of structure here for the next three or four weeks, and I hope you're enjoying these more relaxed, fun photos.
If you need me, I'm probably on the beach eating ice cream!

I'm wearing: Top: Choies / Jeans: Matalan / Sandals: Mango 
Elodie's wearing: Dress: Primark 
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03
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