OMG I'm going to be such an outfit repeater in this get up! It really ticks all of the boxes for me, and until the cold really sets in, I plan on letting my legs breathe... That is until it's time to pull out the cosy tights and live in them for five or six months.

Blush pink seems to be the colour of the season and as one of my favourite shades I'm loving being able to incorporate it into my wardrobe, especially as it goes so well with all of the greys, blacks and whites I wear so often.
As soon as I spotted this skirt in my local Primark, I just had to snap it up (it comes in other colours and I am oh so tempted). I've been after a button up skirt for so long and I'm really pleased I held out until finding this one because it really is the dream! It's just a shame it creases so quickly when I sit down... soz about that!
To be honest, I'd love any item of clothing which allows me to wear this grid print jumper which I bought last year... It's one of my all-time favourite pieces and I grab any excuse to wear this with both hands.

I can't believe today is the last day of September (insert Green Day lyrics here), I feel like this year has really run away with me... I have so much I want to achieve and I'm not even half way though ticking off the goals for the first part of the year.
I do have lots of plans for That's Peachy over the coming months though, and I'm not setting myself any strict deadlines or putting any pressure on myself, but when it happens, it happens and I'm really excited about it all. Speaking of which, I really can't wait for you to see my new blog design. It's been a long time in the making, but it's almost there and I am SO happy with how it is looking - I feel like it will be perfect to start afresh with a new look to celebrate (even if I am the only one celebrating) over seven years of TP.

I have quite a busy weekend ahead but I have scheduled some content to make up for the lack of posts at the beginning of the week, so hopefully you'll stay with me for the next few days.
I'm hoping in-between it all I will have chance to shoot some more outfits as I have some lovely new bits to style up. I'm usually really careful with money but this month I have admittedly had a bit of a splurge, all on really necessary items though, I promise!

Do you have anything exciting planned this weekend?

What I'm Wearing: Jumper: Warehouse / Skirt: Primark / Shoes: Topshop / Bag: LYDC
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