Dermalogica is a brand that I really trust when it comes to my awkward skin. Having used their Daily Microfoliant for years and recently falling for their Hydrablur Primer it just seemed natural that I tried some more of their skincare products.

If you're looking for a brand that's natural and simple, which does what it sets out to without all of the fancy, unnecessary thrills then this could well be what you have been searching for.
Dermalogica are a brand who develop their products through education, innovation and professional recommendation. If you ever visit one of their beauty counters, your skin will be analysed zone by zone by an expert to find what products will really work for your individual skin type, you won't just be pushed to buy the newest release.

My favourite product that I've tried recently has to be the Charcoal Rescue Masque, a powerful treatment mask which delivers a whole host of benefits for the skin. I've got into the habit of using this every Sunday night before XFactor for a quick ten minute paper session... It's quite a thick consistency but it smooths onto the skin really easily and unlike other charcoal masks I have tried, this doesn't go chalky or crumbly too fast, although I'd still recommend applying as quickly as possible if you want a thick layer on the skin. After 7-10 minutes I wet my hands with warm water and massage it into my skin to activate the exfoliating properties before rinsing and wiping off with a muslin cloth.

The science part explains that Binchotan Charcoal absorbs impurities while Sulfur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin. Other ingredients include volcanic ash, sea salt and bamboo extract, niacinamide and Chilean wild mint; all natural and all amazing for exfoliating, absorbing impurities, reducing congestion and refining the pores.
There are some real benefits with this for all skin types, so wether you suffer from dryness, oily skin or combination this could really work for you.

I always find that this gives pretty much instant results... My skin is left feeling really good after every use, unbelievably soft and my pores feel cleaner, which means after moisturising I'm left with a perfectly smooth base to apply my makeup on the following day.

The second product I've been trying is the Multi Active Toner, which has been the most gentle toner I think I have ever experienced. If I'm honest, this is usually the step I will skip from my skin care routine due to the fact that they often leave my skin feeling really tight and sore afterwards. However, this contains skin repairing Aloe, moisture binding Sodium PCA and Lavender, Balm Mint, Cucumber and Arnica, which together give instant hydration and a really soothing and cooling effect to the skin.

I have been using this after the mask or after the Microfoilant to give a quick, intense boost of hydration, and it feels so good!
The natural scents from the ingredients give this a really fresh, uplifting scent which is lovely to apply to the skin each morning as a bit of a wake-me-up and although it is really nourishing and moisturising on my skin, it feels so light and seems to just sink in effortlessly.
This is one toner that has truly won me over!

I am hoping to visit my local Dermalogica counter really soon so that they can analyse my skin for me and check that I am using the correct products for me. I am pretty sure I am though, as these two alone have really made a difference for me... Everything just feels so much smoother and fresher and that's just after four weeks use. I'm hoping that they'll confirm everything I am doing is right, and maybe suggest a couple more products to improve my skin condition even further.

Is Dermalogica a part of your skincare routine?
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