Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask
Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask
Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask
It's not every day that I try a product and feel the need to rave about it and tell you all about it as soon as possible, but this week I had one of those moments!

You may have seen my Tweet claiming that I have found the product us dry skinned ladies have been searching for all of our lives... Well here it is, and I still stand by my claim.
The Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask has literally been a godsend to me and my skin. I go through phases of very dry skin and combination skin, however the skin on my chin and nose are forever dry which is never nice... Makeup doesn't apply as nicely, doesn't last as long, my skin can feel tight and sore, I could go on!..

After years and years of trying different moisturisers and serums I have found a few which really work for me, really hydrate my skin and combat the dryness and I must admit I have been happy with the products I've been using recently. That was until I tried this mask, and it showed me that the products I was relying on (although they were working really well and to my satisfaction), weren't giving me the best possible results.

As soon as this arrived in the post, I opened it... The blue, water like gel mask instantly drew me in. It looks so fresh and cooling and when I opened the lid, the smell just made me want to apply it instantly; It kind of smells like that fresh watery feeling and scent around the pool that you really enjoy when you're abroad, which is actually a subtle green tea, Jasmin and White Musk fragrance. There is a refreshing sense of relaxation which comes with the smell and really translates onto the skin when the mask is applied.

The mask itself is enriched with Vichy's mineralising thermal water from volcanoes which reinforces the skin's natural moisture barrier and is formulated with Vitamin B3 to help reveal a brighter skin tone, hydrating glycerin and menthoxypropanediol which both help to soothe and cool the skin.

It's really easy to apply, as the gel glides onto the skin really smoothly and you only need a small amount to cover the entire face. There's a mirror on the lid of the tub too (which is genius!) meaning you can apply from the comfort of your sofa/bed/wherever you like really! Altogether the mask provides an instant (and it really is instant) cooling effect on the skin with hydration and soothing effect which is the most wonderful sensation for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.
I have been leaving the mask to soak into my skin for between five and ten minutes before massaging any excess into my face using circular motions with my finger tips and then rinsing.

After the very first use I noticed HUGE difference in my skin... I have only used this twice as I received it earlier in the week, and usually I would wait a few weeks to share my thoughts on a beauty product, but as the results have been so good so soon, I couldn't wait that long to talk about it.
My initial thoughts after massaging the mask into my skin was that my skin itself felt cooled down and refreshed, secondly the hydration greatly impressed me - any dry patches I had, were pretty much none existent... The majority of product had sunk into my skin itself and literally been drank up by my skin.
The following day, my skin felt so soft, so hydrated and really plumped up and this has continued... It has never felt this good before.

Vichy recommend using the mask three times a week, so I will be continuing to use this with one or two days in between and I will report back in a month or so about how I'm getting on with it and if my views are still the same.
On first impressions though, this is the best mask I have ever used for my skin, and for anyone else with dry or sensitive skin, I really can't recommend this enough.

If you're not a sufferer of dry skin, Vichy have released two other masks; a clay mask to help with oily skin and clogged pores and one to exfoliate and brighten the skin (which I am also very tempted by!)
Let me know if you give any of these try, I hope you get on with yours as much as I do!

PS Let me know what you think of these photos in comparison to some of my other beauty pictures... This is the first time I've used my Olympus Pen (still on auto mode, I'm learning some tricks slowly) but I am so happy with the quality!
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