Grandparent's Day is a day I always try to celebrate, but I have to admit that there have been years when I've forgotten about it, after all it's not really advertised on celebrated much in the UK and can pass by without anyone mentioning it.

October 2nd is the date to remember this year, and if you're lucky enough to have Grandparents in your life, then you should definitely surprise them with a little treat or two - I am sure they deserve it.

I grew up with four Grandparents around me and I really treasured how close we were. I used to spend lots of time with them while my parents were at work and carried on doing so while they were in my life. The two 80's photos are some of my favourites (check out my blonde curls!) and really sum up how we used to spend our time, always doing something fun, spending time outside walking the dogs or at the beach and seeing new things. My Grandad taught me to draw, paint, play keyboard and recorder and I even wrote my English Language GSCE exam about him and how he inspired me and got an A!

I was really fortunate to have them all around until I was 24, and we still have my Gran, Elodie's Great Gran, who we're definitely going to treat!
It's so lovely to have four generations of girls in the family and as I never knew any of my Great Grandparents, I always make sure Elodie treasures their time together, they have such a lovely relationship, it's so nice to see.

When buying gifts for my Gran I always try to get her something she can either use or display in her home; framed photos of Elodie always go down really well, cute accessories for the kitchen or beauty products are some of her favourite things to receive too.
If you're struggling for gift ideas for the grandparent in your life, I don't think you can go too far wrong with chocolates or flowers or even just a card (it's definitely the thought that counts) but if you want something a little different have a look at the lifestyle and gift section on the website Chums for some more ideas.
If you don't have any Grandparent's, use it as a day to remember them and if it's a nice day, let off some balloons or lanterns.

Even if you didn't know about Grandparent's Day, it's still not too late to organise something... We'll either be going for afternoon tea together or we will have a little tea party at my Gran's house (because Gran's always prepare the best food!)
Let me know if you have anything fun planned!
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