Playing with colour is really not my thing... playing with textures however, is totally my thing! 

These perspex heel boots have given me the perfect opportunity to do so. Although they may not look like the most wearable shoes ever, but they're so comfy that I've been trying them out with lots of different outfits. They seem to look best with boyfriend jeans or culottes and I just love them with these faux leather ones. 
The combo of pvc and leather feels like quite a brave pairing, so I toned it down for a daytime look with a chunky knit wool jumper and accessorised with a black bag and choker - simple.

I love the contrast of the knit against the leather and the colour of the boots make them stand out as the real statement piece of the outfit.
For a more evening-friendly look I'd swap the jumper for a black or white cami and add a few layers of fake tan!

After a bit of a disaster with my camera yesterday, I have been and back and forth with deciding wether or not to use these photos... I'm sure you can all appreciate that a new camera takes a lot of getting used to.
I've been playing around with the settings as much as possible and really trying to get to know my Olympus Pen, which has mostly resulted in me getting some amazing shots that I am really proud of. These outfit photos however, left me feeling quite deflated. On the camera they looked so good, but when I uploaded them I was so disappointed... They looked dark and grainy and to be honest I'm not too sure what went so wrong!

However after a little bit of playing around with brightening and defining, I've ended up with a set of photos that I quite like. Granted they're not the clearest, brightest photos ever, but I decided that I quite like the edgy look to them, it kind of fits in with the style of the outfit and I thought I'd bite the bullet and use them, after all I love the outfit and if I were to have to re-shoot these, it would be another week before I could blog about it.
And in honesty, I just couldn't wait that long to share it with you all.

Of course I want everything on my blog to be my best work, and for it to be something I can look back on and be proud of, but like I've said before, there are no rules. Who says the photos have to look like they've been stolen from a magazine? Who says the photos have to be bright, with black cast iron fences and posh front doors in the background? (We don't even have places like that where I live!)
Instead I've decided not to worry too much and to work the best with what I've got from now on.
Hopefully you won't all frown on me too much for these images.

How would you style these boots?

Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03
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