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I have been blogging full time for over eight months now and thought I would write up a little series of posts offering my advice and sharing a few insights into the world of blogging for a living.

I hear and see a lot of people who aspire to be full time bloggers, and for me it definitely didn't start out as a dream career, it was only a hobby.
I first tried out full time blogging during a career break in 2013 and I really didn't enjoy it... I missed interaction with other people and going from a fast paced retail job to sitting in an office all day really hit me hard (but more about that in another post).
In January of this year, I was made redundant and kind of fell back in to blogging full time again, and I made sure I grabbed it with both hands, got my butt in gear and really worked for it... This time around I am enjoying it so much more.
It amazes me at how much blogging has developed over the years and I'm so grateful that it has because I wouldn't be sitting here today, doing what I do and being inspired by so many other amazing content creators.

I'm not claiming to be an expert and there really isn't a right or wrong way to go about blogging, to my knowledge there isn't a Dummies Guide you can buy. However, for me there are some things which really work, and some that don't and after over seven years of creating on That's Peachy I feel like I can share a little bit of knowledgeable advice with you... Even if one little point in this post helps someone, then to me this has been worthwhile.

1. I used to assume all bloggers do this, but I've spoken to a few who don't keep a diary... Each to their own, but personally, I'd feel lost without mine. I use my diary to make note of product releases, events, meetings, deadlines for certain posts, to keep track of payments... I use it as a weekly schedule and for me it's the most important factor in staying organised.
If I didn't have my diary to look at each morning, I wouldn't know what I was doing with myself! It's so easy to just turn to each day and be able to see what needs photographing, writing, editing and it usually ensures that I don't forget anything and stay on track.

2. This leads me onto my second point; I always start my week and my day in the exact same way... I make lists. I break everything down that needs to be done including social media shares, spell checks, editing, writing... the lists are usually quite long!
I also have a blog post check list which is relevant to every post I write, ensuring I don't forget to check links, alt tag images, share the post etc.
One very important factor here though is making the lists achievable. When I first started full time blogging, my lists were too long and it was very disheartening to have to move uncompleted tasks to the following day or week. To feel productive and as though you have achieved something each day, it's much better to tick off everything on the list, than not. Just make sure you find that balance of pushing yourself but not overworking yourself.

3. One of the most important factors for me with staying organised is using the schedule feature on blogger. I like to try and publish my posts at the same time each day so that my readers know when to expect new content and when to come back to my blog, and let me tell you, without the schedule option, this just wouldn't be possible.
There is no way I could guarantee being at my laptop at 8am each morning to hit publish on a post and without it my posts would just have to go live as and when, which has no structure to it at all.
Having posts scheduled for 8am each day means that they automatically go live without me having to even think about it, I can be asleep or on the school run and everything goes ahead without me.
I also have to add to this that there is no better feeling than looking at your blog posts all written, ready and scheduled a week or two ahead of time, definitely one of the most satisfying parts of being an organised blogger.

4. Something which has benefitted me greatly is making sure that everything stays tidy. This is relevant to my desk space and my whole office in general, including keeping my mail, samples and products organised in some way.
I feel like a tidy office is a productive one and it means I don't get stressed thinking that I should be tidying rather than typing or editing photos. Also, if I know where everything is, if everything is in it's place, then I can get sh*t done at a much quicker pace. I keep my desk as empty as possible, usually just with my diary next to the laptop and I like to add a bunch of flowers to keep the space looking bright and freshened up.
I like to keep all of the products I am currently testing in one drawer, samples and products that are new in, in another and then everything I use daily and don't relate to the blog are separate again.

5. Lastly, the one thing that always helps me to feel much better about my organisation is making sure that I wake up earlier. I usually can't start work until just after 9am due to taking Elodie to school, so if I'm up bright and early it gives me a chance to have everything arranged and set out beforehand.
I can have my daily list written, products out and ready to photograph, laptop switched on... All of which saves me a lot of time and allows me to grab a quick cup of tea when I come in from the school before sitting down and getting straight on with work.

Remember there are no rules, but hopefully this can help in some way.
How do you stay organised? 
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