L'occitane Creme Perfectrice Sublime Perfecting Cream
Autumn and Winter may be my favourite seasons, but for my skin it's a whole other story.
I'm sure all of my fellow dry skinned ladies are screaming 'YES GIRL, I HEAR YA!' at their laptops right now, because every year, that dreaded cold weather hits and our skin really suffers.

This year I feel as though I've been well prepared with a big drawer stocked with serums, oils, moisturisers and masks all ready for when the cold hits, to help me combat the dreaded dry skin issues I always suffer with.
When choosing a moisturiser, L'Occitane always come up trumps for me, and their Crème Perfectrice Sublime Perfecting Cream has been my favourite this season so far.

As with all of the products from this collection, it smells wonderful; really fresh and lightly floral thanks to the peony extract in the cream. And from a typical blogger point of view; the packaging is so beautiful and looks amazing on my dresser!

For anyone who needs some serious, long lasting hydration, this is the one you need as it claims to moisturise for 24 hours; which is a claim I'd have to say I'm on board with. I currently apply this morning and night, but I don't necessarily need to as I have noticed my skin feels that bit softer and plumper each time I apply.

The consistency is somewhere between gel and cream, which is really pleasant to apply and it sinks into my skin very quickly, making for the perfect product to apply before makeup. As it's so lightweight, it doesn't leave any sort of film or coating on the skin, once it sinks in, it's gone, simply leaving the skin velvety smooth.

After around six weeks use, I noticed my skin starting to visibly improve, as well as feeling better to touch. My skin seems to have brightened slightly and upon application my pores and fine lines are disguised - who doesn't want that?!
Used alongside the Perfecting Essence face serum from the same range, I am really noticing positive results and will definitely keep reaching for them this Winter.
The fact that I have an almost endless supply of moisturisers, yet keep using this one, speaks volumes.

What beauty products are you enjoying so far this A/W season?
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