Applying makeup can be a really enjoyable pastime, it can be a bit of a hobby and can be quite relaxing... In an ideal wold that is anyway! Most days I find myself clock watching and putting on my makeup in super fast time, in subdued lighting, while feeling half asleep, all before I have to run out of the door.

Some days I have an hour to get my face done, other days I have 20 minutes and when the worst happens (or I press snooze a few too many times), I find myself with just 5 minutes to get ready.
These are the days when I use just five products, for my five minute face.
For a speedy base I have been using my cushion foundation, but applying it with a stippling brush rather than a sponge, which may be a contradiction for the purpose of this product, but it really works well for speed. I still get the benefits of the really bendable, lightweight yet fairly high coverage foundation too.
This gives a really glowy/natural look to the skin, and has a perfect finish to it that leaves the skin looking makeup free, yet flawless. I also find this is perfect for popping in my handbag and using to touch up throughout the day if needed... A definite bonus of such a compact product.

When I'm trying to be quick, I grab an all in one kind of product for my cheeks... No messing with contour, highlight and blush! This bareMinerals blush from their limited edition Lovescape collection gives real definition to the cheeks with no effort needed. 
The colours can be swirled together to give a deep sheen to the cheeks, or applied a little more delicately to give a highlight effect on top of the cheekbones... Either way works for me.
It's such a shame that this product was limited edition, but there are lots of other mixed toned blushers on the market lately... I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar.
I can't leave the house with bare brows, no matter how many times my brow stylist tells me I don't need the products, I just can't do it. For the days when contouring and sculpting my brows is out of the question, it's time to let Gimmie Brow work it's magic. 

The tiny fibres attach to each individual hair in my brows, to make them appear thicker and give a more defined shape by filling in any gaps. 
Personally, I love a fluffy, natural brow so I brush the product against the natural direction of my brows, before brushing back in the correct direction with a clean spoolie brush. This gives more volume and lift to the hairs, while leaving them looking natural.

Obviously eyes can't be left naked, so a good mascara is a necessity. On quick makeup days like this, with no other eye products, the mascara has to be glossy, it has to be black and it has to add some drama, length and volume to the lashes.
This mascara in particular is really unique because it claims to darken your lashes over time with it's semi-permanent lash tint, as well as ticking all of the above boxes.
I'm always a fan of Rimmel mascaras, they're such high quality for such great prices.

To finish a look, I always feel like I need something on my lips. When time is against me, I steer clear of my usual go-to lipsticks and liquid lipsticks in my collection as they can really take time and precision. 
This is when lip crayons come in super handy as you can just drawn the outline of your lips and fill in so quickly and easily... You can almost get away without having a mirror for this step (I say almost!)
I have lots of different colours in lip crayons, but most often reach for nudes and browns, 'Fig Prosecco' is one of my favourites for this time of year as it's a lovely golden nude, which finishes off a quick and simple look by making it look a little more special.

Can you do your makeup in 5 minutes?
Which products do you find yourself gabbing when you're in a rush?!

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