Brunch is often my favourite meal of the day and for months now I have been wanting to try The Baker Street Kitchen in Middlesbrough.
Last weekend myself and Ray grabbed ourselves a table (you have to be quick as it gets really busy at peak times) and perused the menus hanging high around the perimeter of the room.

The vibe of this place is really nice; despite being constantly busy it's very chilled but has a bit of a buzz about it at the same time. It seems to be a bit of a go-to for business people on their lunch breaks and for students to hang out and use their laptops while they eat. 

The outside is really modern and quirky, and the theme is continued inside with lots of quote posters and framed pictures around the top of the walls with the menus and some really cool hanging lighting with exposed bulbs. It's in a really great location, very close to the University, close to lots of offices and a few minutes walk from most of the shops.

Once we decided what to order, I joined the queue at the counter, which over looks the kitchen area and a fridge filled with homemade cakes and tray bakes. All of the desserts looked so delicious, but we managed to resist and just order our savoury choices (I definitely need to try something sweet next time though!)

For drinks we didn't go with anything fancy; fresh orange and a cappuccino which soon came to our table. We did both notice how small our drinks were... the cappuccino cup was one of the smallest I've seen, and for £2.25 it seemed a little stingy. I had also asked for a large OJ, which this definitely wasn't... but more on the price of that later!

Service was quite fast, and fairly pleasant... That's about all there is to say, nothing was outstanding, nothing was bad, which is maybe what you expect for a cafe in Middlesbrough. For some reason I was expecting a little more though, the anticipation of really wanting to visit for so long had left me with high hopes.
The food arrived at our table a few minutes later... I ordered a rarebit with added bacon; Made with cheddar cheese, crème fraiche, eggs, mustard and Worcester sauce.
This came on small, but thick slices of bread and was really delicious... This is one of my favourite breakfast/brunch options and as far as taste goes, it didn't disappoint. I did think it was a bit of a shame that there wasn't any garnish on the side... It just seemed a bit boring to the eye and didn't look very Instagram-worthy!

Ray chose to go with the homemade pancakes, served with maple syrup and bacon, which again, didn't look that good. It's clear to see from the photos that the bacon was burned, and for £5.50 I was definitely expecting something a bit fancier (like this for example... take note BSK!) 

I'm not entirely sure how much I paid for my choices... the rarebit was on the menu for £4.95 without bacon, and the orange juice, despite not being on a menu in the place itself, is listed online at £1.95. My bill came to £9.70, which means I paid £2.80 for two rashers of bacon?!
It's fair to say that I wish I had realised this or got a receipt when I was in the cafe, because I would have definitely questioned this.

Was the food nice?.. Yes it was okay.
Was the price justified?.. No, I think I was robbed!
Would I return?.. Despite being tempted by the cakes, I really doubt it - I want to give it another try but I just can't get over the prices.

Have you visited Baker Street Kitchen before?
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