I talk about how much I love Autumn and Winter on here quite a lot... Usually I speak about the fashion or the beauty side of things, but I also love the dark nights, getting cosy with the fire on and enjoying my nights in.

Last weekend I had a couple of friends round for the evening to have a catch up over some food and enjoy a bit of girlie time together.
Out came the Friends boxset, we ordered our Chinese and popped on our face masks.
Nails painted, ice cream tubs empty and Friends on mute, we found ourselves discussing X Factor and Strictly (I'm team Danny Mac FYI)  and before long we were online checking the odds.
I'm sure you've all had the conversation about what you'd do if you won the Lottery?.. Well we spent the rest of our night dreaming about the things we would buy, the places we'd go and the people we would treat if we were ever to get lucky.

Personally I'd decorate my bathroom and kitchen, take Elodie to Disneyland, buy Robbie shares in a racehorse, buy an apartment in London, upgrade our tv and computers, put money away for Elodie's future and help out my close family and friends. I'd probably also have to go on a bit of a shopping spree and add a few more lipsticks and handbags to my collection!

I used to play the Lottery weekly, that was until they added extra numbers and the odds of winning became even smaller, this added to the fact that it's now £2 per line was enough to put me off. I do still know my numbers though, so have to avoid seeing the balls come out, just incase!

Instead, these days I prefer to play online with Lottoland, which allows me to play the Lottery from all around the world.
I usually choose to play the Irish Lottery which I have won quite a few times with, American Powerball which had a £1 billion jackpot earlier in the year and when the EuroMillions has a big jackpot, I give that one a go too.
It's so easy to sign up and place bets, you even get your first bet for free and there are scratch cards and games to play too... Although I don't gamble a lot, now and again I have a gut feeling to have a little flutter, set myself a limit and have a go - it's fun and sometimes, it pays off!

What would you do if you won some money?
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