Last month, Rimmel launched some new eye products; two mascaras and two eyeliners to their already huge collection.
The new and improved version of the original Scandaleyes mascara has an all new formula and all new packaging, plus there are two new felt tip style eyeliners to go alongside it to help create the perfect, dramatic eye.
The Scandaleyes Reloaded collection promises to give volume, large and in-charge lashes and long lasting blackness, all while being smudge proof, humidity proof, flake proof and sweat proof yet being really easy to remove... The dream!
When I received these products, I instantly had high hopes, firstly because Cara Delavigne is the face of the collection, and if Cara approves, we all should, right?! Secondly, as Rimmel are truly a brand I feel that I can really trust to always be affordable, but of high quality. They're a real go-to brand for me in all areas.
So let's start with the mascara; Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara is available in 'black' and 'extreme black', there really isn't a great deal of difference between the two, but personally I've been using the extreme version because 'Why have black, when you can have Extreme Black?!' Maybe if you wanted one for daytime and another for evening wear, this could be a good idea.

The brush is pretty big and the bristles themselves are of maximum density and slightly tapered, which helps them to work corner to corner, capturing each and every lash and fitting the shape of any eye.
The formula is really wet, but dries quickly once applied, and has a glossy finish to it, which gives an intense black coating to all of the lashes.

I'm also pleased to report that there is no flaking throughout the day with these mascaras, and very little smudging - I would say no smudging but my heavy lids and long lashes seem to be the enemy of mascaras and pretty much every mascara I ever use has smudged on me by the end of a long day's wear!
The two Scandaleyes eyeliners come in Precision Micro and Thick & Thin options, to suit each individuals liner preference.
If you want to achieve a fine or subtle line, or want to be really precise and draw something fancy, then the Precision Micro is the one for you. It has a fine, felt tip style nib with a delicate point to the end which will help to create a very defined and sleek line or flick.
For something bolder, the Thick & Thin liner has a 3D slanted felt tip nib, which enables you to easily create a thick to thin line across the lid - perfect for an eyeliner noob like myself!
I have mentioned many times on my blog that I really struggle with eyeliner, and while these pens don't make it easy for me to apply liner, I find the felt tip style end of the Precision Micro one gives me the best results for a simple line above my lashes... and personally, I don't attempt anything fancier than that.
What I can say though, is that the formula gives a really glossy black line, which lasts all day on the lids without smudging, bleeding or wearing away... It's also really great to draw back over. As I'm so rubbish at applying liner, in the past I've applied a wobbly line, and gone back in to neaten it, which resulted in the liner coming straight back off. This one however is really buildable and workable, which is a huge bonus for me!

So basically, Rimmel have done it again with another release of some really good quality products.
The mascaras are available for only £6.99 and the liners are £5.49 from Boots and Superdrug.
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