Art Deco are a brand that we hear very little of in the UK. I'd go as far as saying most people reading this have never tried anything from the brand... Am I right?

Well I'm here today to tell you all that this needs to change... We're really missing out some beautiful products!
Until a couple of months ago I had only ever used one product from Art Deco; a lip gloss, which admittedly, although I liked the colour, I never wear because glosses aren't really my thing. However since receiving the Matte Contouring Powders in 'Milk Chocolate' and 'Vanilla Chocolate' they have become an every day product for me... and some of my very favourite products at that.
Art Deco are the best selling German cosmetics brand (since 2001) who specialise in really professional, high quality, classic shades of makeup which help to achieve a flawless look and finish to the skin.
With Art Deco, you can find everything from the most classic and simple colours to new and on trend pieces to update your makeup bag, and it's great to know that prices are pretty reasonable too... Yes it's a high end brand, but not the most expensive and it is now available in many Debenhams stores around the UK.
Another huge selling point for me is that none of the products are tested on animals, Art Deco are completely against this and are an entirely cruelty free brand.
The contour powders I have been using, have really transformed how my makeup looks on my skin, giving me a completely flawless and smooth finish. This is due to just how silky and fine the powders themselves are, which also means that the powder feels incredibly light on the skin, making them very comfortable to wear and very long lasting.
The matte pigments in the powders achieve a completely natural look with no shimmer or glitter particles and make blending really simple when aiming for a realistic sculpted look to the face. 
Applied lightly, I love the effect given and for an everyday contour, they are perfect. They can also be  built up and smoked out for a more intense, night time look.

'Milk Chocolate' is a very cooled toned, but natural bronze shade, which works on my skin tone perfectly to give the perfect contour on my cheeks, temples, jawline and nose - it's very similar to the much lusted after Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder. 
'Vanilla Chocolate' is a yellow toned powder which highlights the cheekbones, nose and forehead without giving that dreaded glitter ball effect... This looks completely natural and is totally matte, which gives a very clear, clean and fresh faced finish to the skin.
The yellow pigments in this work to brighten any dark areas on the face,which is ideal for me and my dark circles. 

If you're adverse to the really glowy, shimmery highlight and want more of a toned down look for Winter - you don't need to look any further and if you're wanting to experiment with a new brand and add something else to your makeup collection, I highly recommend Art Deco.
I'm really tempted to try their baked blushers next... If you're familiar with the brand, is there anything you would recommend for me to try next?!