Soap and Glory; the brand everyone knows for their body products, and the brand everyone is starting to love for their makeup... but do you really think of skincare when you hear the S&G name?

I'm a sucker for their scents and I always fall for their pretty, girly packaging... It's always a welcome addition to my dressing table to brighten the place up a little. 
I have found that the products I've used so far have all been really gentle on my skin and they always leave me feeling really fresh faced with skin that is soft to the touch. It's also an added bonus that the delicious smells seem to linger for ages too!
I love my moisturisers, and the Speed Plump All Day Super Moisture Marvel Day Fluid is one of my favourites at the moment. 
As I do suffer with dryness, especially around this time of year and I usually reach for the really thick, heavy creams and moisturisers. However, despite this being a very lightweight and thin formula, I have really been loving the effect this gives.

Not only is this cooling on application, but it really refreshes and energises the skin which is exactly what I look for, for my morning skincare regime. It seems to sink in really quickly and the moisture really locks in, keeping my skin hydrated for the whole day, which for means for a really comfortable skin day... Know what I mean?!
Just reading the ingredients should be enough to draw you in... 'loaded with a souped-up mix of oxygenators, a super-hydrating watermelon extract, a wrinkle-smoothing marine plant and elasticity promoting raspberry stem cells', you can probably imagine how good it smells and if they do half of the things they promise too, then you know you're in for some good skin days... I haven't been using it long enough to comment on the anti wrinkle properties, but as far as nourishing and hydrating goes, it's pretty great!
I feel like I have gone full circle with the Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, as this is one of the very first cleansers I bought for myself years and years ago!
I think it was the name that originally sold it for me, but it's also a really gentle cleanser, which smells incredible plus it cleans, purifies and hydrates my skin. This is thanks to the peach and goji berry extracts in the cleanser, which contain Vitamins A and C and all of the antioxidants that my skin seems to crave. 

As you could probably guess, this smells so sweet, like peaches and is one of those 'smells good enough to eat' products! 
It's very creamy and a little goes a long way... I've been using mine morning and night for almost two months now, and you can see from the photos, I have plenty left! 
Simply massaged into the skin with my finger tips and rinsed away with warm water and a muslin cloth, my skin is left feeling smooth and softer than ever, completely clean and fresh. 
I can use this to remove all of my makeup on an evening, with no need for anything else to get rid of even the toughest of products, yes, even waterproof mascara gets melted away with this stuff!

Have you given Soap & Glory skincare a try?!
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