Happy New Year everyone! 
I for one am so happy to see the back of 2016 and I am welcoming 2017 with open arms and as much positivity as I can manage right now. It's fair to say 2016 was not my year, but I am moving forward and setting myself some goals (rather than resolutions as I always break those!) to push myself into making this year a good one.

I thought that if I actually type these thoughts and publish them for you to see, then I have to stick to each and every one of them, the best that I can...
1) Attend more events - Living in the North and blogging can be looked at two ways... It can be seen as a really good thing, as our community of bloggers is growing rapidly, and brands are starting to realise this. It can also be seen as quite a negative thing as the majority of events are happening in London. 
I have lost count of the amount of events, meetings and opportunities I have had to say no to during 2016 due to not being able to afford travel, hotels and childcare while I travel to the capital.
In 2017 I'm going to promise myself that I'll try my very hardest to get to London more often and accept as many opportunities as possible.

2) Relaunch FABB - FABB Events is one of my proudest achievements, however last year we only held two small events... Mainly because life got in the way, and yes, these things happen and can't be avoided, so I don't beat myself up too much about that. 
This year however, I want to relaunch FABB, bigger and better than before. We have lots of ideas for potential events all around the country, and I can't wait to get organising and bring FABB back for you all... If you've never been to one of our events before, please do come along to one if you get the chance, I promise you'll have a good time!

3) Read more - I have a long list of books that I'd love to read, and I'm going to make a serious effort to make this happen. I used to read all the time, and this has slowly dwindled over the years... I don't think I read any books in 2016. 
On my 'to read' list I already have; The Couple Next Door, The Girl On The Train and The Secret... I like thrillers and books that really draw me in and get me thinking.
If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know.

4) Decorate my house - I've been living in my house for almost two years now, and although I've done bits as far as decorating and making it feel like a home, it's really not there yet. Thanks to my slight Pinterest obsession I have lots of ideas that I hope to turn into reality over the next 12 months.
First on the list is a new bathroom, then a new kitchen. If I can get those coms transformed this year, I will be more than happy.

5) Up my Insta game - Okay so I know it's not all about the numbers, but I bloody love Instagram. I love scrolling, liking and commenting on pictures and creating content for my account, but it's one platform that I really struggle to see growth with. I know everyone is suffering thanks to the algorithm (seriously, thanks Instagram) but I really want to make my content more regular, improve it where possible and hopefully I'll see those numbers grow a bit. It's not because I want to go round saying I have x amount of followers, it's because I just want to share my pictures and chat to more of you on there, so yeah, please give me a follow if you haven't already! (@thatspeachy)
6) Bake more - I love to bake, and I'm not too bad at it, so really there is no excuse for me not baking more. I also love to eat sweet things, so this one could turn out to be a bit of a vicious circle... but we'll see! 
I'm going to push myself to bake at least once a week and try new recipes. I am forever pinning delicious looking treats on Pinterest, so it's not that I'm short of ideas, maybe it's more of a time issue, but hopefully once a week will be achievable... I might even stat featuring my bakes on here.

7) Learn to cook - I've never really cooked until towards the end of this year, and I surprised myself with how much I enjoy it. I'm not great, but I feel like because I enjoy it so much, I will enjoy learning more skills.
For now all I can really do is a roast dinner, steak and pork chops. By this time next year I'm hoping to have at least ten dishes on my list of things I can cook really well.

8) Rebuild friendships - It's true what people say, as you get older, you drift away from your friends. This makes me really sad. I've never had a huge group of friends, as I changed schools and lost touch with my group of best friends that I had, and then didn't bond as well with the group I was friends with at the second school. This, on top of the fact that I'm at an age where all of my friends are either sassy business women, married, have children or all of the above, and friendships do fizzle away.
This year I'm going to be the one who makes the effort to rebuild all of my lost friendships... I'm going to arrange catch ups around the tv with a takeaway, I'm going to arrange coffee dates and hopefully in a years time I'll feel like I have all of my friends back in my life.

9) Travel more - I'm a terrible traveller, I hate flying and I get sea sick, so I'm pretty much stuck in the UK. This doesn't have to hold me back though, and I'm planning on visiting as many new places as I possibly can in 2017. I have a whole post planned about my travel bucket list, with some really amazing looking places on it... Who said you have to go abroad to have a good time?!

10) Learn to love myself - I want to find myself again this year, and get back to the real me. I used to have confidence, I used to think I was quite funny and used to laugh all of the time, and as sad as it is to say, I feel like this part of me has slipped away. I think it's happened slowly, so slowly that I hadn't realised it was happening, but now I know... I want to like myself again and be proud of who I am.

New Year is the perfect opportunity for me to start working on all of these goals, and last night for NYE I reached for some of my favourite makeup products to create a bit of a look for the evening, and headed out to enjoy myself in a step to working towards goal number ten.

Nothing happens instantly, and of course by applying some petty makeup didn't instantly give me all of my confidence back, however it did make me feel good, so that's a start!
I have huge love for bareMinerals, and the majority of the key products I used to create my look are theirs; Complexion Rescue for a fresh, glowy base, The Enlightenment and The Happy Place eyeshadow palettes which gave a smokey burnt orange and brown eye and the perfect red lipstick; Marvellous Moxie in 'Call The Shots'.
Have you set yourself any goals or resolutions for the year ahead?
Please leave any links in the comments, as I'd love to check out your lists too.
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