Now that NYX has well and truly arrived in the UK, I am constantly wanting to try new products... Every time I run out of something I use it as an excuse to try their version and I feel like every time I pass the counter in Boots I have to buy something else, just because!
Their lip products are the ones which stand out to me the most, and I have found myself loving the Liquid Suede cream lipsticks SO much that in just three weeks I have got myself four shades (and I still want more).
The lipsticks come in gloss and matte finishes, which go against the grain of matte lip products by being really moisturising and creamy when applied, this is thanks to the fact that they are infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E. The colour glides onto the lips with the soft doe foot applicator, so smoothly and with such ease and once dry, is still really comfortable to wear.
I've also found that the longevity of these lipsticks is really great, with no bleeding or smudging throughout the day, and despite me eating and drinking, very little colour wears away.

The shades are mostly really beautiful and if you're a little wilder than myself, you will appreciate the brighter colour options available too, I'm talking bright orange, blue and lilac. As a lover of a brown/red toned lip, there are plenty of choices for myself with some really unique shades to try.
I have heard and read so much about the Lip Lingerie's (which I love) and the Butter Gloss' (also amazing), but I haven't seen many people talking about the Suede Creams, and personally, I think they deserve a lot of talking about, so decided to share my thoughts...
Soft Spoken - My favourite shade that I own so far, purely because it's just so wearable. It's a slightly brown toned nude, that I feel like I can pop on for daytime, night time... whenever, and it just works. Apparently it's also a favourite of The Olsen's and lets face it, if they rate it, it's going to be good!
I'm not usually a nude person, but I was just drawn to this as soon as I swatched it and as it's quite dark, I think it's that perfect in between shade either for someone like me who isn't used to light shades, or for someone who only wears nudes and wants to go slightly darker. 
Brooklyn Thorn - Although not as easily wearable as the rest, I really do love this colour. It's a purple/grey toned shade, that is so unique and unlike anything else I own, I almost didn't buy this one because I worried I wouldn't get much use from it, but I've worn it out a few times now and it's just so comfortable that I actually forget I'm wearing something so bold.
Club Hopper - Admittedly I have to be feeling brave to wear this really dark, red toned brown, at a glance it's almost black, but I do really like it, and surprisingly, despite my pale complexion, I think I quite suit it.
I think the glossy formula makes this easier to wear, if it was matte it might feel a bit too Halloween-y. I wouldn't wear this for daytime, but for a night out it will now be one of my first choices.
Cherry Skies - This was my most worn lip product over Christmas and new year, it's just a stunning glossy, burgundy red, which I feel really flatters my skin tone. I love a good red, I think it's so classic, and looks amazing with an all black outfit to make a bit of a statement. 

Have you tried any other shades from the range?
Let me know which I should try next!
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