Finally, January is on the up. You’ve officially made it through the most depressing Monday of the year, congrats to you all, and now we’re being rewarded with the first signs of next season’s fashion popping up around the high street. 
Fashionistas around the world are finding themselves irresistibly drawn towards the new arrivals sections, wasting entire evenings trawling the likes of AX Paris’s latest clothing range – floral everything, please – and reading up on the next big makeup trends. 
The only problem is trying to find room in your wardrobe for all your new purchases. 
But don’t worry, because I've got a few top tips to help you (and myself!) get organised and transform your current nightmare setup into an Instagram-ready, flawless dressing space. Take a look...

Have a good clear-out 
First things first, it’s time to get brutal and streamline your current collection. If it’s been lying there untouched and unloved for years, the tag still intact, then say your goodbyes and send it packing. 

Anything that’s still in decent condition can be donated to a charity shop or sold online – there are plenty of apps designed to help you get a good price. Or if you’re feeling really kind, you could always gift a special piece to a friend that’s had their eye on it for a while.
I think if I'm going to be really strong and determined about this, I'll be getting rid of at least half of my current wardrobe!

Find more permanent storage 
Can’t bring yourself to get rid of all those tattered old t-shirts and prom dresses from your teenage years? We get it, grubby and tired they may be, but their sentimental value is priceless. 
Instead of leaving them to fill up precious wardrobe space, put them into storage. Vacuum packing bags are a great way of keeping them safe and tidy, then you can slide them out of sight under your bed or up in the loft. 

Sort out the leftovers 
Take everything that does make the grade and organise it into piles of tops, skirts, trousers and dresses (your room will look like a bombsite right now but don’t worry, it’s got to get worse before it can get better). 
Now that your wardrobe’s empty give it a quick clean and then figure out the best way to utilise all that space. For example, fit a small chest of drawers or a shoe rack in the base for extra storage. 

Folding versus hanging? 
Ideally, you’d have mile of rails so you could leave all your clothes neatly hung up and on display, but there’s not many of us lucky enough to have that much spare room. 
Prioritise the skirts, dresses and shirts that definitely need to be hung up. Pop some scented lining paper in to keep it smelling fresh and then everything else can be folded away on shelves or in drawers. 

Putting everything in order 
How you choose to organise your wardrobe is completely up to you, there’s no right or wrong way. 
Whether you order it by colour, skirt length, sleeve length, fabric or style, you’ll soon notice that storing your clothes in a clear system makes it much easier and quicker to pick out killer ensembles in the morning.
Personally I go by sleeve length with tops and dresses and then have all of my bottoms together at one end.

Now your wardrobe is back in tip top shape, you’re ready to make all your new season buys feel right at home... Perfect excuse for a good shop!
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