Wardrobe staples, basics... basically the boring bits we can't do without. Leggings, baggy tees and vests may be necessities, but shopping for them can be a real bore. Not only are the simplest of things always the most difficult to find (seriously, shops either have what I want but not in my size or just not the right things at all) but they can often be quite pricey, which personally makes me begrudge buying them and I end up going home with another pair of cut out boots or a velvet bomber that I don't really need.
I love shopping as much as the nest person (probably a little bit more), but when it comes to basic shopping, I find it kind of dull.
Maybe I'm going off topic slightly, but I can't be the only one who'd be much happier handing over £30 for a hot new jacket or top than for two pairs of leggings or a few basic tops.
Nevertheless, we need the basics, I mean, what is a wardrobe without at least three plain white tees to choose from, and don't get me started on the jeans. When it comes to shopping for them, I always find myself turning to my laptop. Forget trailing around town for them it just gets too frustrating, online shopping is the way forward.

When I'm looking for necessary pieces, my first port of call is usually with Boohoo... They tick all the boxes when it comes to affordability, a good range of choice and little details which make boring pieces that bit different. Shopping with https://www.myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk/boohoo.com always makes things a little better on the bank balance too, with lots of discount codes to choose from, usually involving free shipping or cheap next day delivery, which always comes in handy.

This white t-shirt is one of my recent staple purchases... I have lots of black and grey in my wardrobe, but I was lacking with white and a clean, crisp white tee can really brighten and lift an outfit, as I have proved to myself by wearing this to death since the day it arrived. 
The caged neckline gives what would be a plain baggy tee a real identity, yet it's so simple that it can be paired with almost anything and always looks so effortless.
I wear so much black and grey, it's a nice change to have a splash of bright (albeit still monochrome) in my outfit. I love how the simple style works with my checked trousers, which I would wear every day if I could get away with it and I added my old faithful blazer to smarten up the look slightly.

Despite being so, so late at getting some of these lace up flats, I am SO happy to finally have some. I guess they're a bit of a basic piece for my wardrobe too, they're the kind of shoe I can reach for for any occassion, and they look good with almost anything. 
Don't ask me why I have waited until now to actually get myself a pair because I've wanted them for ages, but in a way I'm glad that I held out and waited, as this pair were the bargain of the year, costing me only £3 from Primark.
Where do you head to first for all of your basics?
I'm always open to recommendations, especially when it comes to the best places for buying skinny jeans and jersey leggings!

What I'm Wearing: Jacket: Primark / T-Shirt: Boohoo / Trousers: Mango / Shoes: Primark / Bag: Fiorelli
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