Ahh don't you just love a productive start to the week? Some people suffer from the Monday blues, but for me I always try to start off in a positive way, as for me however my Monday goes really impacts on the rest of my week.
This week I've picked myself up a little and really got my sh*t sorted, I've been planning ahead, organising things and of course writing plenty of lists to keep myself on the ball and give myself some targets to achieve.

Last week I made the mistake of giving myself Monday and Tuesday off... naughty I know. I spent two days catching up on the whole series of Big Brother so far (seriously, Tweet me about it, I love this series!), sleeping and playing with makeup (which I like to call research). 
It's probably fair to say that I needed a bit of a break, a couple of chill days and some time to myself, and I did really enjoy those days, but by the time Wednesday came around I was feeling slightly different.
I had the guilt. I felt like I'd wasted two whole days where I could have been working and felt like I was starting off my week on the back foot, always trying to catch up and get ahead of a list that I couldn't realistically see any way of achieving.

I've definitely learned my lesson...
From now on, as my own boss, I'm still going to give myself some much deserved time off, but I'm going to avoid Mondays unless completely necessary, because as I have said, a Monday can make or break a week. I also feel like little breaks throughout the day are much more beneficial than a whole day off. 
Being a blogger has so many plus points, but a real negative is the fact that I don't have a clocking off time, I'm always checking social media and writing post ideas when really I should just stop myself (but I guess that's a whole other post).

Today has been a good Monday though, and after having such a great day, I am really excited for the week ahead... That's the beauty of working for myself, only I can make things happen and when I'm on a roll I'm just filled with pride and excitement at seeing my blog grow and develop.
The way I'm feeling right now I don't want a day off this week, I just want to up the anti and get my lists ticked off. I feel like my creative juices are flowing and I just have so many ideas that I can't wait to put into action - times like this I love being a blogger!
I also feel like my blog is reflecting me more this year, I'm writing things I have wanted to write about for a while and I'm just doing what feels right rather than what I feel like I should be doing. In my first few years of blogging I wanted a predominantly fashion blog, and that's changed... I love to write about beauty products, places I have been and food I've eaten too, but the fashion posts are still up there as my favourites.
Hopefully you've noticed they're much more frequent now too... It makes me so happy!

On the topic of my outfit, I hope you don't mind seeing me in yet another baggy pair of trousers/culottes or whatever you want to call them... They're kind of my go-to lately! They're so easy to throw on, and they work dressed smart or casual. This outfit is so effortless, so comfy and just ideal for a day where I'm working and then popping to the shops or for a quick coffee date. 
I also love the muted colour palette, it's quite refreshing not to be wearing black for once and I just can't get enough of my rose gold trainers, aren't they gorgeous?! I'll be living in them from now on, just so you know! 

Have you had a good start to the week?

What I'm Wearing: Coat: Mango / Top: Blue Inc / Trousers: Topshop / Bag: Kate Spade / Trainers: Bows Boutiques
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