As a blogger upgrading my kit is always at the forefront of my mind. Having a camera, a laptop, a layout and the lighting to make my blog the best is can possibly be is very important, and can make or break how people view my content.
There's a misconception that to be the biggest blogger with the most followers, you need to have the most expensive equipment... This isn't true. You don't need a Macbook Pro and you don't need the biggest £700 lens for your huge camera. A lot of people blog with a cheap little laptop and their iPhone (and sometimes their photos come out the best!) For me it's m
ore a case of getting the best from what you have got, and enjoying what you do... This always comes across to the readers.
I've been trailing the Canon EOS M10 for my outfit and street style photography, and for such an affordable camera, I am seriously impressed.
The camera itself lightweight and the perfect size for carrying about when shooting on location. I had a DSLR camera a few years ago, and despite the picture quality being amazing, I couldn't get over how bulky and awkward it was to carry around with me all of the time. With the M10, there are no issues like this, with the lens removed, this fits easily in my coat pockets, small bags and weighs next to nothing when worn around my neck.
It also looks really impressive, I don't think anyone would see this and assume it is a cheap camera. The matte black casing is all very sleek and sophisticated. 

The lens of the M10 can be changed to fit any Canon lens, giving it the picture quality of any bigger camera. The kit lens which comes with the camera has 15-45mm focal length which is enough for anyone who wants an all rounder camera for portraits, landscape or blogging photography.
It also has a flip screen so filming yourself or taking a selfie is much easier as you can see exactly what the camera is capturing, which also makes it great for vlogging. The screen is also touch screen and you can use this to select which part of the frame you want in focus, making it easy to achieve that dreamy blurry background like in the picture below.
For a beginner, or someone who wants a simple point and shoot camera which is really going to deliver, then I'd look no further. Everything is so simple to use with it, there aren't too many buttons and dials to familiarise yourself with and it just does what you need it to do, hassle free.

The camera has a small phone button on the side, which links to an app you can download onto your phone. This means any photos you have taken can be instantly on your phone via a wi-fi connection, ready to upload to Insta or share with friends. You can also use the app as a remote, so if you're taking your outfit photos yourself, this is a lifesaver.

If your main use for the camera is the ability to share instantly on your social media without the need for laptops or computers, you will also love the creative assist feature, which allows you to edit your photos and apply filters to your subjects on the camera itself. You can brighten, enhance, change the image to monochrome... all on the touchscreen.
All of these photos were taken using the M10 with the kit lens, some set up on my tripod with me using the app to shoot myself and some by my photographer. 
The M10 is available for just £299 from Currys, such a great price for a blogging camera which ticks all of the boxes. 

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