Wether you wear glasses for medical reasons, to prevent headaches or for fashion, when choosing the frames for you, there is a lot to consider... Colour, size, style and most importantly, your face shape.
Not all glasses will suit everyone and amongst a few factors such as colouring, age, hair colour, your face shape is without doubt the most important factor to take into consideration when choosing your new frames.

I have a pair of reading glasses which I use when I'm on the laptop for a long amount of time. Without them I find that I suffer from bad headaches and I always frown at the screen (anything to prevent those wrinkles!) but unfortunately I really don't suit the pair I had! Luckily for me no one really had to see me in them, so I could still wear them, but I wish I'd thought about really finding a pair to suit me before buying. 
My face shape is oval, and there are only certain shapes and styles of frame which will flatter my face shape. The same goes for everyone, whether your face shape is round, square, heart shaped, or oval like mine. 
If you're unsure of what style of glasses will work best for you, Vision Direct have created an interactive page which will help you find the best glasses for you by simply entering a few details about your appearance; face shape, skin colouring and hair colour. You will then be given options for glasses to suit you, plus expert advice on frames and styles available.

Buying your glasses online is so much easier with the help of the #MyFaceShapeIs tool, the endless choice of styles are whittled down to those which will definitely suit you, so you don't have to waste any time trying on loads of unflattering frames that aren't going to do you any favours. There is also the huge bonus of not having to go into town and queue, you can even do it from bed if you wish (cup of tea and biscuits optional!)
I was pointed in the direction of round frames, which surprised me as I thought they would make my face appear fatter, but I really don't think that they do. I actually really love them, and feel like they fit in with my style well.
My glasses are the Devon round metal frames, which have tapered side arms and are in fact unisex. I love that they sit a little bit oversized on my face and how comfortable they are. they're so lightweight I hardly know I'm wearing them.
I made the conscious decision to go with black frames for two reasons; one; I wanted my glasses to make a bit of a statement, and two; I knew that black would go with everything in my wardrobe.

Are you a glasses wearer? Let me know if you'll be using the tool to find your next pair of glasses, and make sure to follow the hashtag #MyFaceShapeIs on Instagram.
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