Valentines Day is fast approaching, but who needs a man?! This year I'm boycotting Valentines Day and going out with my girls to celebrate Galentines instead... Who's with me?!

Even though I'm not celebrating with a significant other this year, I still want to get dressed up so of course I've been browsing online to find something nice to treat myself to.
Despite not actually participating in the whole Val Day thing, it's hard to avoid the red and black theme, but who says you can't embrace it, even if you're not with a man?

I love anything embroidered with florals at the moment; jeans, jumpers, dresses... I want it all, and the two floral dresses below are so beautiful. I'm also loving the black off the shoulder number which is just so sleek and classy (and of course I would be able to wear again and again) and the slinky red velvet one is beautiful, although I think it's a little too dressy for what I have planned!
For a few less dressed up options, I've also been considering going with a top and jeans... Still drawn to those embroidered roses and the red and black theme, but worn with skinny jeans they are all the perfect in-between. Or if I'm going to go all out Valentines hater/man hater, there are plenty of options for that too... I love the idea of one of the t-shirt dresses with over the knee boots - such an easy to wear combination.
It's definitely going to be cocktails, food and Mr Christian Grey for me tonight... How are you celebrating this year? 
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