Blogger mail time, and this edition has a mixture of new beauty brands and some exciting new releases from some of my most loved brands.
Sometimes products are released without much hype and they can pass us by without us realising what we're missing out on, but here I have some bits which I think are well worth a second glance. 

I love writing these posts as they kind of kill two birds with one stone... I think of them as a way to show you what I've received, and what you can expect to maybe pop up in more detail on here soon, and also I get to give a bit of a first impressions review at the same time.
So sit back, enjoy, and get ready to add a few bits to your shopping list...
Kind Natured are a totally new company to me, a brand who focus on keeping everything as natural as possible when it comes to selecting ingredients for their haircare, bodycare and bath products.
The combinations of scents are so well chosen and are unlike anything else I've used... I have been trying out the Shea & Macadamia Body Scrub, Coconut & Passionflower Bath Soak, Manuka Honey Lip Balm (which tastes as good as it sounds!) and Coconut & Minoi Body Lotion.
Needless to say they all smell incredible (especially the bath soak), the scrub has the ideal balance of being not too harsh, but not too tame either and the lotion is just so gentle for my sensitive skin... I can't get enough.
The products are all available in Boots, with prices starting at just £3.49
When it's time to de-stress and enjoy a little bit of me time (glass of wine optional), I have recently been loving wearing sheet masks. I find them really effective, really hydrating and just so easy to use.
Most recently I have been trying some of the Collagen Masks from Beauty Pro, including a Rejuvenating Mask, Brightening Mask and the Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask.
I especially love the under eye masks for refreshing my tired eyes... They're so cooling to apply, comfortable to wear and are in fact, really effective. I'm definitely intrigued to see if any of the anti ageing promises are true if I continue to use these too!
Another product which I received recently is the Ren Flash Hydro Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion. This is a revolutionary product for those of us who suffer with dry skin and tightness... It is a product designed to work with water to prevent any signs of ageing caused by dehydration; it plumps, soothes and hydrates.
This contains that wonderful stuff; Hyaluronic Acid which maximises hydration by drawing water into the skin, giving an instant plumping effect and in the long term reducing wrinkles and making the skin appear smoother.
Although I can't comment on the anti-ageing side of things just yet, I can confirm this gives moisture to my skin like no other... My skin felt softer and more comfortable after just one use... I'm definitely going to keep on using this and see how I get on.
You can never have too many makeup brushes, right? And I have to say, I'm so glad I live by this rule, otherwise I may have never got to try these beauties by High Definition.
I've added the Contour Brush & the Powder Brush to my collection, and I'm really impressed. The bristles are so soft and they pick up product with ease, the handles have a lovely feel to them and are so easy to grip and work with, and blending product with either brush is seamless.
I've spoken about my love for Original Source products on here plenty of times, they back up my claim that you sometimes just can't go wrong with the classic brands, so I was really excited to receive four of the new Moisturising Shower Milks.
I love anything that adds moisture to my skin, and these are really just wonderful... They're silky, they're luxurious and they smell so good! (I especially recommend the Cherry & Almond Milk).
Lastly, another brand that you really can't go wrong with; Neutrogena and I've been going back to whee my skincare journey began and giving a few new products from their skincare ranges a whirl.
The Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash not only looks pretty on your bathroom shelf, but smells so fresh and zesty, it's perfect for a morning cleanse. I'm also loving the new Hydro Boost range, which is targeted at those of us who suffer from that dreaded dryness.
Lastly, something I've only used once, but already love is the Pore & Shine In Shower Mask - such an interesting concept that I will definitely get back to you with a full review of soon.

Is there anything here that catches your eye? 
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