I have decided to start a little series here on That's Peachy called 'Six Good Things', where every month or so, instead of doing a monthly favourites post (I explain why I don't do those in this post) I'm going to share with you six things that have made me happy, smile or feel good... I don't know why six, I guess I just like the number, so let's just roll with it.

I see so much negativity, so many moans and groans in the blogging community, and when you're not feeling so good yourself, reading about other people's misery just doesn't help. Instead I thought I'd add a bit of cheer and light and encourage you to share something that's made you happy recently in the comments below, as I would love to have a read!
Number one, and always my number one is my Elodie. It's hard to believe that my little girl is seven years old... In some ways it feels like I had her only yesterday and in other ways it feels like she's been here forever as I can barely remember life without her in it. 
It's fair to say that Elodie is my rock and she is truly all that matters to me, she is so wise beyond her years and is honestly so caring and kind. She tells me everyday that as long as I am happy, then so is she, and the feeling is completely mutual, I am so proud of her and the young lady she is already becoming.

You may have seen my Tweeting about wanting to start a bullet journal, and in typical 'me' style, I have got one started one month into the year, better late than never though, right?! I guess that's the beauty of a bullet journal though, you can do what you want with it, so if I want my year to start in February, then it can.
I've spent so much time watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts all about bullet journaling, setting them up and gaining inspiration for my own (it's become a little bit of an addiction of mine) and it's so nice to bring out my creative side again. When I was at school and college I loved art and graphic design, and it's bringing it all back to me a bit - I kind of with I'd never stopped!
Filling in the journal and designing all of the pages is something that really chills me out, I find it so relaxing and it's just such a good way to switch off from social media and any troubles I have for a few hours... I'd definitely recommend it.
Something which is making me really happy is my plan to start saving money. I'm not a big spender, but have a few things in the pipeline that I really want to save money up for and my plan to do so feels as though it's actually going to work out. It's nice to have a plan, to have goals and things in my mind that I really want to achieve. I'm hoping to really sort out my home this year, I love interior design and have so many ideas for decorating all of the rooms. I am also hoping to be able to save up for a little holiday for me and Elodie.

I've been really trying hard to focus more on eating healthy foods, cooking from scratch and taking care of my body more, and after only a couple of months I am seeing huge differences in the way I look and how I feel. My skin has improved, I have lost weight, I get less headaches and I have a lot more energy. 
Another major plus is how much better I feel in my clothes... A few months ago I don't think I'd have been able to wear this ruffle top, but I have the confidence to wear things that I wouldn't have previously. I still have a while to go, but I am happy with my progress so far.
If you'd like me to go into more detail with blog posts about what I eat and how I'm beginning to incorporate exercise into my life, just let me know.
I'm so excited to be heading to London this month, it's been too long! I'm excited to catch up with old friends and meet some new people, all of which is thanks to my blog. Unfortunately it's going to be a shorter trip than I had originally planned, but I will be squeezing SO much into my short time there... Definitely making the most of it!

Lastly, how could I not mention the fact that I was named the Best Established Blogger 2017 at the Johnson & Johnson Awards last month?! I still feel like there was some kind of mistake or that they're going to tell me it was all a joke, it feels too good to be true! To see my name even shortlisted with so many amazing bloggers is a big enough honour, but to win... Well I just can't say thank you enough.
Being named the winner has given me a huge boost and push to create even better content for you all, it's come at a perfect time for me too, just when I needed a bit of a pick me up, and after such an awful 2016, maybe 2017 is going to be my year?!

What's been making you feel good lately?

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