I keep hearing people talk about how Spring is on the way, but the chill in the air is still lingering and the cold is still causing havoc for my skin.
As a sufferer of dry and sensitive skin, the cold, the wind, the rain just cause even more problems for my suffering skin, but I have found a few products which help me to put up a bit of a fight and protect my skin from the cold. 
The first sufferer is always my lips, they get dry, sore and flaky which, let's face it, is never a good look. And although for years I've tried to prevent this happening, I could never find anything to prevent it, until I gave in to the hype surrounding the Nuxe RĂªve de Miel lip balm
The first thing I noticed with this lip balm is how amazing it smells, which is probably the least important factor, but because it smells of chocolate orange, I just had to give it a mention!
Secondly, and most importantly, it's instantly soothing when applied, it eases any pain, and you can almost feel that it's getting to work on nourishing and comforting the lips.
It has a very unique texture, it's quite thick and gives an almost velvety finish to the lips, which acts as a barrier against the elements, so by wearing this daily, my lips are protected and I won't even have to deal with any problems. 
My hands are also a huge sufferer from the cold weather, they go red, they dry out and the skin can break. I hate letting them get in this state, and constantly remind myself to apply hand cream., which is a step we should all be incorporating into our lifestyle, not just in Winter but all year round, as the hands are the most ageing part of our bodies.
The product I keep reaching for is the Bee Good Intensive Hand Repair, a really thick, nourishing hand cream aimed at people who suffer from very dry skin. Despite being so thick and moisturising, this isn't greasy at all and sinks into the skin so quickly, which is a must have for me and hand creams. Containing ingredients including British Honey, echium oil, borage oil and beeswax, everything is natural and everything really combats that dreaded dryness. 
When it comes to protecting my face, I obviously have more than one step to keeping everything nourished and hydrated, but this Winter, there have been a few stand out products that really seem to make a difference. 
A duo of products that really bring my skin back to it's softest and smoothest in comparison to how dry and rough it can feel after being out in the cold are my Magnitone Facial Cleanising Brush and the bareMinerals Deep Cleansing Foam which work like a dream together.
The cleanser alone is really gentle which works perfectly with my skins sensitivity, it lifts away any impurities, left over makeup or dirt from my skin and preps my skin perfectly of moisturiser. As it is quite a thick, cream consistency, when teamed with my Magnitone, it really works to it's best potential. 
The Magnitone brush gently buffs the cleanser into my skin, which means I get a deeper clean, my skin is exfoliated and is always left feeling so much smoother and looking much brighter than before.
Since incorporating the Magnitone into my skincare routine I have found my breakouts aren't as harsh as they previously were and the redness that I usually suffer with (which is always emphasised by the cold weather) is distinctly reduced.
I like to mix up my skincare a little as my skin can get complacent with just one set of products, so I like to alternate the L'Occitane Cleansing Oil into my routine for when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated and tight, which is often a result of the Winter weather.
This cleansing oil is the most nourishing skin product I have ever used on my face, and my skin just drinks it up. The oil melts makeup and dirt off the skin, and hydrates like nothing else. The nourishing Shea oil refreshes the skin and the tightness and sore feeling I suffer from is always lifted. 
My favourite step of my skincare routine is always moisturising, I think due to the fact that my skin craves hydration. Without it my skin feels like it's pulling and in the worst of the cold, it can really be painful. One of my go-to's is the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser, which has been one of my favourite moisturisers for a goof five or six years now.
As with all Liz Earle products it's cruelty free and plant based, which means I instantly know it will agree with my awkward skin. Not only that, it's very luxurious and rich, and it gives a really intense boost of hydration to my skin. On days when I have been out in the cold and I feel like my skin has suffered, this is like an instant fix for me and when used overnight, the next morning my skin always feels at it's very best.

Do you have any favourite products to help combat the cold?
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