February 14th, the day you have to dread if you're single right?.. Wrong! Why dread it, there's nothing to be afraid of, and as much as you think you're going to stand out from the crowd as though you've got a big neon 'single' sign above your head, you're really not.
In fact, I think us single ladies have it better this time of year... 
Let's break it down a little. 
There's no present stress... I don't know about you but my ex's were pretty hard to buy for and it took me ages to try and find something worth giving. 
There is no chance of the guilt that kicks in for one of you when one of you buys a card and chocolates and the other goes all out to impress... That's always awkward, do you love him more than he loves you?!
You also don't have to give that fake thank you smile when he gives you your flowers and chocolates (seriously guys, get some imagination!) Whether he buys you a single red rose or the biggest bunch of your favourite flowers... Flowers die babe.

You don't have to spend three hours of your day getting ready for your date night, deciding which lipstick best matches your dress and then changing your dress three times because you think you look fat in them all (you don't, by the way). 
You also save money on buying that new outfit that you feel pressured to buy so you look nice in the swanky restaurant that isn't to your taste at all.
Instead, put your pjs on, get your hair in a top knot and treat your skin to a face mask.

So if you're single you're missing out on a posh three course meal? To be fair, who wants to eat three courses of posh grub anyway? You can keep your herb crust and red wine jus, I'd rather go to Nandos. 
If I'm not being too much of a Val Day hater, maybe going somewhere a bit different and posh could be a good thing, but everywhere has the set Valentines menu on Feb 14th, two starters to choose from, three mains and two desserts? Who wants that?! I don't like to be limited thank you very much, and the fact that the bottle of wine is included in the price he's paid just means you have to drink wine, well that makes me feel a bit sick to be honest, I'd rather have a blackcurrant and soda.
This year I'm enjoying some me time and ordering myself a Chinese!

Then you get home from your three courses and half a bottle of wine, you're bloated, feeling a bit dizzy and sick and all you want to do is get out of your dress into your pjs and fall asleep? Well no chance, he expects sex... It's valentines day, he's just bought you that expensive meal, you owe him something right? WRONG! You owe him nothing, lets just get that straight right now.

If you're reading this and you're single, spare a thought for all those poor girls out there, going to bed on their own because their boyfriend is in a bad mood for the lack of loving he's getting... Personally I'm much happier falling asleep on my sofa with my half eaten Chinese beside my, after enjoying my Lush bath and a film, no stress, no bother... perfect.

To sum up, if you're single, don't feel bad about it... embrace it. You don't have to have a boyfriend bonfire like they did on Friends, you don't have to get crazy drunk (I mean, you can if you want!) and you don't have to spend the night crying into your pillow, please don't do that.
Enjoy your own company, enjoy the company of your other single friends, enjoy your day... It's almost over for another year anyway!
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