I have been in my house for almost two years now... Two years which have flown by in the blink of an eye, two years which have been a roller coaster of emotions and events and somehow, despite imagining by now that by house would be complete, I'm still a long way off.

Who knew decorating and redesigning the rooms of a house took so long?! Not to mention how much money it costs, I think I overestimated how quick and easy it is to turn a house into a home. 
Instead of stressing about affording new carpets and having every single room painted, I've relaxed a little bit with it... I tell myself there's no rush and that eventually everything will be complete.
To make each room feel more me and more homely, simple accessories can make all of the difference, little personal touches here and there are the key to making a house your own, adding personality is what brings a house to life. 
Luckily the little extras that can really make a difference, don't have to cost much money... I love spending an afternoon wandering around Dunelm or shopping online with www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/dunelm, where I always manage to find lots of little pieces which really make an impression on a space, without spending too much money.

Filling the house with photos is the first step to making it feel like home. Not only does it put your stamp on a room, but it fills the home with memories. Those memories can bring happiness to any day of the week, they can be conversation starters or just reminders of good times. 
I also love to choose new frames and have a theme for each room, most of which in my house are copper or marble (such a cliche!) and refreshing the pictures now and again can always add a new lease of life to a room.
I'm a bit of a sucker for having candles around the house... I don't burn them that often, but I just love to decorate with them. Gone are the days when a candle was just a boring pillar of wax, the designs are now endless and can be catered to fit the style of any home or room.
A scented candle is of course the perfect way to set a mood too, whether you're looking to freshen up a room in Spring time, add a bit of spice in the Winter or make things a little more romantic, it's all easy to achieve with a candle.

The way I decorate my home is similar to the way I dress... Colour is minimal, but when I add a little bit into the mix, I like it to be a statement. For example, my living room is grey and white, but I have a pink sofa! My office is really small, and is black and white, but I have lots of copper accents to brighten it up. My bathroom is currently a mess, but when it's complete it will be slate grey and white, with marble accents. 
I think having a little colour or a little brightness is necessary, either that or go all out with statement pieces and patterns.

Lastly, textures are possibly my favourite way to make a house feel like a home... A mixture of textures and fabrics not only make a space have some personality, but they add the cosy factor. Everything always looks more welcoming and comfortable with the simple addition of a few cushions and a cosy throw.
They are such a simple addition to a room, that can be changed with the season, with your mood or to change up the colour theme of a room, it's all so easy and effective.
All of the above are some of my favourite pieces which I've bookmarked recently from Dunelm and Maisons du Monde that won't set me back by too much money, but will make a statement or a difference to a room.

How do you make your house feel like a home?
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