Beamish Wild is an outdoor adventure park, perfect for families, groups of friends and children. Located near Durham in Stanley, it's really easy to access from the A1 and surrounding cities Newcastle and Sunderland.

A couple of weeks ago, Elodie was invited along to experience some of the holiday camp activities that they are launching for the upcoming school holidays, and of course I went along too!
The camps are suitable for children ages 6-13 and will run every school holiday between Easter and October half term this year.
Each day runs from 8:45am-3:30pm and costs between £20 (for one day) and £54 for a three day booking. You can save 10% by using the exclusive discount code BLOG17 when you book online here.
It's perfect if your children enjoy the outdoors, if you want a day to yourself, or as a cheaper alternative to childcare while you're at work!

All of the staff at Beamish Wild are fully trained in every aspect of safety, and instantly put Elodie's (and my) nerves at ease. Ordinarily the children attending holiday camp would be left without their parents supervision, which would usually put me off, but I have to say that I would be 100% happy leaving Elodie with Tom who supervised our group throughout the day. 
The parents and all of the children thought he was brilliant, he gained respect and trust from the children from the start, explained everything clearly, encouraged all the children to push themselves to their maximum potential in a really friendly way and made sure everyone had fun.

The children were all supplied with harnesses and hard hats which were fully checked and tightened before the fun began.
The first activity of the day was crate stacking, which really broke the ice and encouraged team building between the children, most of whom didn't know each other.
The children took turns being attached to the safety ropes before climbing up and up ontop of the crate stack that the others were building... Elodie managed to get five crates high before getting scared, but some made it to 11!
Tree Creeper was a really exciting part of the day, where the children were encouraged to climb a huge tree to their desired height. A couple made it right to the top, some not so high, but they all encouraged each other throughout their climbs.
The great thing about this is that nobody was pushed past their own limits, and everyone was congratulated on their climb... For the smaller ones in the group, who didn't make it so high, this was really rewarding.
Den Building was a really fun part of the day, where the parents joined in and competed with the children and Tom for who could build the best den in the woods. The fact that I don't have a photo of the adults finished den says it all really... I think you can guess which team won!
The children loved scavenging around the area searching for branches, twigs and leaves to build their den big enough for them all to get inside.
Last but certainly not least was archery, which Elodie loved. Safety was further discussed with the group before Tom demonstrated the correct way to use a bow and arrow. As he had gained so much admiration from the children, they all listened very carefully and did exactly what they were told.
All of the children took turns aiming at the target and Tom made sure that everyone managed to hit the target, leaving them all feeling very proud of themselves. 
The holiday camps will offer the four activities we took part in plus fire lighting, treasure hunts, woodland crafts, ultimate frisbee and so much more. There is also a big adventure playground, that despite being tired, all of the children had fun in before it was time to go home.
Lunch isn't provided in the price of the camp, your child can bring their own packed lunch or one can be added for an extra £5.

If you don't have children, there is plenty for the adults to do too including a high ropes course with leap of faith, archery, axe throwing and brewery tours, afternoon tea and amazing food in Beamish Hall or the on site Stables restaurant.
As we visited on a Sunday, we chose to have lunch in The Stables, which offered roast beef, chicken and pork dinners, plus a vast menu of other options. 
Elodie and I both opted for the roast beef dinner which came with a giant Yorkshire pudding, lots of thick, meaty gravy, new potatoes, roast potatoes and a big bowl of vegetables which included the best roast parsnips and carrots I have ever tasted. The whole meal was delicious, and re-fuled us all with enough energy to carry on with the afternoon's activities.

If you're based in the North East, I really encourage you to visit, whether it's for the kids at Holiday Camp or for a day with your friends... We had the best time!
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