Cutting my hair is something I have talked about for years, but after my last hair cut going terribly wrong (which I hate to admit was about seven yeas ago!), I had hairdresser fear.
2017 has so far been the year for me biting the bullet, putting myself first and trying to have a positive outlook on things, which led to me being brave and finally going for the chop.
And let me tell you, it's been the best decision I've made... I just wish I had done it sooner!
I visited April Egan hairdressers in Gateshead for a complimentary Olaplex treatment and haircut with the lovely Meghan, who listened to my ideas, gave me advice and left me feeling like a new woman. 
I had a blunt cut, with very slight layering around the ends to add some shape and texture to the hair, and had the front chopped just below jaw length to elongate my face. For some, my hair will still look really long, but for me, it feels really quite short, but most importantly it's in much better condition, looks healthier and is so much easier to style. This is partly due to the cut, partly because of the Olaplex.

I really wish we had taken a before shot of just how long my hair was before the cut, but for reference the below picture was taken around four months earlier in a salon who curled my hair for me as part of a promotion deal... Looking back, it was in such bad condition and I didn't actually realise it had got that long! 
As soon as I arrived at the salon I was greeted and given a drink before being talked through the Olaplex treatment, how it works and the process itself.
If you're not familiar with what Olaplex is, or if you're like I was and have only heard about it when associated with Kim Kardashian, let me try to explain... 

If you have damaged hair from colouring, virgin hair that's ruined from heat styling or lack of overall care, or all of the above, then Olaplex can help you. The scientifically developed treatment works from the inside of each hair outwards, strengthening, conditioning and most importantly, reconnecting the structure of each hair strand where there had been breakage. It's basically a reset button for your hair, all damage is wiped out and you can start again with beautiful hair.
It's also good to know that the treatments are free from silicone, sulphates and gluten and are never tested on animals.

April Egan were the first salon in the North East to stock the Olaplex products, and if you're thinking of giving it a try, I can't recommend them enough. If you're not in the area, search online for a salon near you who offers the treatments... Don't go for something similar or try shopping online for copies... The real Olaplex from salons is what your hair needs, and best of all, it's a really affordable treat with the mini treatment costing £8.50 or full reset treatment I had costing £20.00

My hair had become damaged through ombre-ing and the fact that it hadn't been trimmed for so long. After having the treatment, I am amazed how my hair has changed. It feels so much silkier and smoother, it looks so much healthier and it's so much easier to style and look after. One thing I have never been able to do is comb through my hair after washing, but now a wide tooth comb will glide through my hair with ease.
I was taken to the sink where I was able to enjoy the massage chair while Olaplex treatment No1 was applied straight onto dry hair and combed through using a Tangle Teezer.  If you were getting your hair coloured too, this step of the treatment would be mixed in with the hair dye and applied at the same time. This step of the treatment is a bond strengthening concentrate which builds broken and damaged hairs and begins the process of preventing further damage. I was then left to relax in the massage chair for ten minutes while the treatment worked it's magic.

Treatment No2, which is the bond perfector was then applied on top and my hair was pinned up, while I read some magazines for around half an hour. This step continues what the first treatment started and restores any remaining broken bonds, leaving the hair shiny and strong. 
The treatments were then washed off and a Wella Thirsty Hair Treatment was applied to give my hair a final healthy boost before shampooing and my favourite part of a visit to the hairdressers... the head massage. There is also a third step to the Olaplex treatment, which you can buy and use at home to prolong the protection to your hair. 
My hair was then cut... and I didn't regret it for one second. I wish I had taken a photo of all of my hair on the floor though, there was loads! 
Megan then blowdried my hair and added some curls round the bottom. I left the salon feeling very happy with my new look and with my fear of hairdressers gone for good.

I'm now contemplating going even shorter. Maybe collar bone length or into more of a graduated long bob... What do you think?!
If I am brave enough to go with another chop, I'll definitely be heading back to April Egan, I can't recommend them enough.
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