I love half term, it means I get to spend a whole week with Elodie doing fun things and making memories... Easily the best way to spend my time.
I made sure we were going to have a really amazing week together and planned lots of fun things to do for her, with each day as a surprise - She loved it.
Despite the weather still being quite cold, we spent a lot of our time outside. We went to the park a few times and for a couple of walks, both of which were a great way for Elodie to have lots of fun, while I also got a bit of exercise in.
Our favourite park is next to a museum which has a lovely gift shop, cafe and craft area where Elodie made a Chinese dragon hanging decoration and coloured in some pictures... Such a good way to spend an afternoon without having to spend too much money!

Elodie had swimming lessons each morning of the holidays, which she loved and did so well at... She's finally gaining her confidence in the water. The best thing about her lessons being early were that it got us up and ready each day, and left us with a full day ahead of us, so we managed to really make the most of our time.
I took Elodie to a 'posh hairdressers' to get her hair cut in time for going back to school, and although she didn't go for a cut as drastic as last time, she lost a couple of inches leaving her hair looking really smart and healthy, and she definitely felt like a grown up.
We always go to the same hairdressers in town and they're great with her, making her feel like a big girl by sitting her up high on the chair infant of the mirror, dressing her in the gown and asking her what she wants rather than asking me (it does scare me that my little lady is growing up so fast though!)
I think our favourite thing we did during the week off was when we went to Adventure Valley near Durham with my friend and her little boy. Again, it was cold, which spoilt it a little bit, but it was still a really brilliant day.
There are so many things to do there including indoor soft play, outdoor parks, mazes, giant bouncy pillows, mini golf, pony riding, petting zoo... We even got to see the gorgeous newborn baby lambs!
One day there definitely wasn't enough and we've already planned to go back again when the weather is a bit warmer.
There was only one day where the weather was really miserable, so we stayed in the house and had a bit of a lazy day with some reading, games and painting.
I was sent some toys from the website Wicked Uncle, which really kept us busy. The website allows you to search for ideas by the gender and age of the child you're buying for, which is perfect for when you need a present for someone.
We played Roald Dahl Brainbox game, learned some magic tricks with a Mizz Magic magic set and made cards for Elodie's teachers using a finger printing set.
On the very last day Elodie and her best friend from school went to the cinema to see The Lego Batman Movie, which was surprisingly good, even I enjoyed it and I hadn't expected to at all! After the film we finished the holiday off with a McDonalds... Elodie loves a Happy Meal now and again.

Have you visited anywhere in the North East that's good for children? I'm always looking for new places to visit.
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