Every single day I read or hear other bloggers getting frustrated or annoyed about followers, about numbers, statistics... Myself included, yes I'm guilty and I challenge you to find a blogger who has never worried over a lost digit on that all important number.
But, is it really important, like really? I'm beginning to think not... 
Why do we waste our time stressing about something, which in the bigger picture, just isn't a big deal? 
I'm not going to lie to you, I have plenty of days where I wonder if I've been wasting my time with my blog... I've been doing it almost eight years and on those days where my stats are down, I lose a few followers on Instagram or my photos don't come out how I had hoped, I find myself wondering if it's even worth bothering anymore.

Bloggers are around every corner now, whereas it used to feel like we were a really small group, but thats not a bad thing... It's an amazing thing. Our industry is finally being recognised as a career path and we (sometimes) get the respect we deserve. Some people just hit lucky, some really put the hard work in, but to see a new blogger suddenly hit the big time shouldn't put us all off, it should inspire us more.
I used to think I would have to move to London to make it as a blogger, but look at me... A year into blogging full time and I'm still living in my little town where I'm settled and happy. I didn't have to move down South away from my friends and family, and yet I've made my blog my career. I guess being a little bit smalltime is okay!

I now find it easier to forget the numbers and enjoy my blog for what it is... heck I won a pretty amazing award at the start of this year, so I must be doing something right.
Maybe brands are starting to realise it's not all about the numbers too, after all, I'm sure half of those 'huge bloggers' have bought themselves plenty of those followers anyway!

After a rocky start to the year, I've realised I blog because I love it, because I love to write and I love to talk to likeminded people about fashion, beauty and all things in between. I'm so lucky I get to do what I love as my job.
Speaking of doing what I love, outfit posts are still my favourite, and this outfit is one of my favourites I have styled in a while. You know me by now, give me anything monochrome and I'll love it!
This jumpsuit and tee combo works so well for a smart yet casual daytime look and I just love to cut off culotte style legs. Both of these are from Joy... A store I've always admired but never shopped in, and now I'm seriously wondering why! The quality and fit of both pieces are perfect.
As soon as I tried on the jumpsuit, I knew it would go perfectly with my amazing silver heeled boots, I just love them together!

The boots are a very welcome addition to my collection... I love a heel for daytime, but it's often difficult to find some that are high enough, but not too high and that are comfortable. The only pair I had and really loved are my Topshop gold heeled boots which you've seen endless times on here, so it's nice to finally have another option to wear... I think the heel on these is amazing too - what a statement!

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