My wardrobe is a pretty even split of smart and casual items... Although I'm always drawn to the casual. Give me jeans and a top any day!
However, while having a bit of a wardrobe clear out I found myself falling in love with a lot of pieces that I haven't been getting much (or any) wear out of, and it really bugs me to think of things hanging in my wardrobe, with tags still intact, basically being wasted.

This has kind of led me to reevaluate my personal style a bit, to wear what I want to wear rather than what I feel like I should wear and just mix things up more.
For me I have always felt like I either need to be dressed one way or another, dressed up or down, but why should I? Why should anyone?! There's nothing I love more than seeing someone wearing an outfit that shows individuality and I feel like we should all try and live by the rule where we forget the rules... Know what I mean?

Now with that big speech I just came out with, I bet you were expecting an outfit that is a bit more wild and out there than the one I'm actually wearing. Sorry if you're disappointed. But style is personal, and subjective, and I'm not one to wear an outfit that going to make everyone stare, that wasn't what I was getting at.
For me, it's more about wearing the things I love, mixing textures, mixing styles and getting the most out of the clothes I own.

As a blogger, I don't feel like I buy that many clothes... Yes I get sent things here and there so I do accumulate quite a lot, but I'm not an impulse shopper, so the clothes I do buy and keep tend to be items that I really do love. Which was another factor in making me really want to wear everything I have more often.
If I blogged my outfits every single day, you would really get sick of my ripped jeans and striped tops... and I get sick of them too!

This outfit, is so me. It's smart, it's casual, it's quite muted but pretty and I love the detail.
I've never been big on accessories, I prefer to let the clothes do the talking, so when choosing how to add to this outfit, I knew I wanted to keep things simple. I already had the extra detail or the ruffle neck on my body suit, the amazing tie sleeves on my jacket and the shredded bottoms of my jeans, anything OTT would be too much for me.
Bag choice was easy, my beautiful Kate Spade which I use the majority of the time really complements this look. The muted, almost pastel colour palette in the top half of the outfit gives a real nod to Spring, which I feel is almost here, finally!

For jewellery, I knew I only wanted a simple bracelet, something to add that last touch of detail to the look without taking anything away from the outfit. My new rose gold bracelet from ChloBo is just ideal... it's so dainty, which works as a great contrast against the bolder detail of my outfit and really adds a girly charm to the overall look.

How do you style yourself? Are you brave, or do you wish you could wear what you want more often?

What I'm Wearing: Body: Next / Jeans: Topshop / Jacket: Boohoo / Boots: Primark / Bag: Kate Spade / Bracelet: ChloBo
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