Let's just say what we're all thinking and get this out there... Urban Decay are THE BRAND when it comes to eyeshadows, they deliver with pretty much every colour option you could ever imagine and the quality of the eyeshadows is always incredible.

If you're on the look out for a collection of eyeshadows that you can wear every day, mix and match and never get sick of, then this is the palette for you. 
The Naked Ultimate Basics palette not only looks amazing on the outside, with it's fancy rose gold casing, but inside are twelve shades of matte, naked, nude, neutral (however you choose to describe them) shadows that I for one have fallen in love with.
I haven't always been a huge lover of eyeshadows (we mainly have my heavy, hooded eyelids to blame for that), but one thing I do love is an all matte eye... it works well for daytime, it looks classy and I always think it looks more high end. 
This palette manages to cover all areas of a nude/matte eye with the options to go completely neutral and minimalist or to add something a bit deeper and darker into the crease for drama, there is also a good mixture between cool and warm shades... So much versatility in one palette and with the shades all being so called naked shades, everything should work well for almost every skin tone and eye colour combination imaginable.

As I come to expect from Urban Decay, the shadows are all amazingly pigmented, even the pale, base colours have some serious colour and manage to show up on my pale skin! The staying power of them all is also really impressive. I suffer from oily lids so usually apply a primer before any eyeshadows, but even on the days when I've skipped that step, or forgotten, they pretty much stay in place anyway.
They are all really silky to the touch, and apply so smoothly and flawlessly on the eyelids, blending so easily together - Nothing disappoints me here at all. 
If you're someone who already has a huge collection of eyeshadows and palettes, you may not think that you need a 'basic' in your collection, but I really urge you to take a second look at this one. There are some really unique, yet wearable shades and just so many options.
Wether you want to create an almost naked eye with the pale shades, go in for a brown and pink toned smokey eye (my personal favourite look with my brown eyes), spice things up with a bit of burnt orange and brown or go all out with the classic grey and black smokey look, all of the colours you could possibly need are here in one place.

Since using this palette, I don't know how I've coped without 'Tempted' and 'Instinct' in my life before now, they're just such beautiful colours for daytime wear, and 'Lethal' is my go-to for a night out.
Forget matte lips, it's all about the matte eyes and I've definitely stepped over to the matte side now, I wouldn't be surprised if I never reach for a shimmer again!

Are you a fan of a matte eye?
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